Broke Down with the Motherhood

Recently my mom introduced me to a new saying..."broke down with the motherhood." She first used it when she was telling me, "You were the only child I made a Christmas stocking for, because once the other two were born I was broke down with the motherhood."

I think she read the saying in a book somewhere.

Last night I received a text message from my dad...

You haven't blogged all week. Are you broke down with the motherhood?

That is precisely the reason for my blogging absence.

I'm simply broke down with the motherhood, a little overloaded and weary of the daily routine. Nothing catastrophic.

To catch you up and fill you in, I'll start with last weekend.

I worked a long and full work weekend on Saturday and Sunday. Like, I maybe sat down three times.
Monday, I stayed in my pajamas until noon. And then I picked up Moe's for dinner. I don't know where the day went.
Tuesday was a day of worshin', swifferin,' and I cooked a meal for friends with a new baby.
Wednesday, a book I ordered came in the mail. It totally sucked me in and I had no time for the computer.
Thursday morning we made a visit to Auburn to see Stephen Grande's mom and play with cousins. The afternoon we spent by the pool with Aunt Lu.
Everyone of these nights Stephen Grande worked until at least 8pm.
And for some reason Stephen Small decided he would like to wake up at 4:30 for three of these mornings. He did go back to sleep, thankfully.
Friday, here I am. Finally. Still a little broke down, but I'm here.

We are thrilled to have a long weekend ahead to play with friends, cookout, and catch up on our rest.

I leave you with a few pictures I took Monday afternoon while Stephen Grande (or rather Captain Steve) was working on a boat engine at home. We loved having him to ourselves that afternoon, even though he was working. Stephen Small loves every chance we have to play outside.

Have a great Memorial Day! Hope to be back soon.


Lynn Beck said...

I'm so glad you're at least blogging again. The pictures are absolutely wonderful. I want to see SS (and you and Grande too)!

Elisabeth said...

if you are at the lake come by. glad you are back, missed you. enb

Casey Cockrum said...

That is one fabulous saying!!!

Laura M. said...

There is an eery comfort in knowing that you aren't alone in the times of "broke-down-ness." I have had a hard past few weeks wrapping up the school year and times when I would get home in the afternoon and be looking forward to the girls' bed time... and then feel guilty for it. Nick always reminds me that a healthy mommy is one that is rested and balanced and every once in a while we need to recharge. glad you have the weekend to do these things in order to be the wife and mother... and SB that you are designed to be!

Lindsay said...

ha- I like it. I had a broke-down-with-the-motherhood week recently, too. Thank goodness those weeks are usually followed by something that makes it worth it again! Or, you just completely quit everything and collapse- which is sometimes good for the soul. ;-)

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