busy boy sleeps again & weekend food prep

Towards the end of last week, things got really crazy in my organizational life. Stephen Small is ruthless when it comes to opening and destroying any sense of order in my kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

He clearly won the particular battle in the picture below. I was okay with it all until he got after my Swiffers.


A trip to Lowe's for some child safety cabinet locks was FIRST on my list this Monday morning.

And y'all know how I feel about errands (see previous post).

Friday, I was more persistent and encouraged play in other rooms (without cabinets).

Don't you love the guilty/bored expression on his face? It is funny (for me) to see him sitting in this picture because that is something he RARELY does anymore.

But oh I love him! No matter how active and messy he may be.

I'm just grateful he sleeps again! Yes, for the first time in a very very very LONG time both mother and baby are sleeping soundly through the night. The "crying it out" for 2 nights was tough. But absolutely necessary!

The phrase "sleeping like a baby" makes sense to me again.

A little change of subject....

I worked this past weekend.

So I spent Friday afternoon preparing food for Saturday and Sunday as to avoid desperate fast food runs after my 12 hour shifts. And yes, I have a husband that technically could have been responsible for fixing our weekend meals. But if that were the case, there is no guarantee I wouldn't have eaten bologna for at least one or both dinners. So I opted to cook in advance. (Love you SG. You are good at so many things.)

On the menu, poppyseed chicken, always a go-to of mine.

I also made 3 dozen cupcakes, chocolate cake with vanilla icing. A large portion of them I took to work to share with my friends/co-workers. Chocolate makes a 12 hour shift much more tolerable.

As to why at age 26 I felt the compulsion to pay $2.19 for sprinkles, I cannot exactly say. I think it is because I love color.

Also, strawberries were on sale last week at Publix. They were perfectly sweet and ripe. What a wonderful reminder that spring and summer are actually coming! My heart is so full when spring weather gets here. I can hardly contain myself.

Happy March! It's mine AND Stephen Grande's birthday month!

More to come...


Elisabeth said...

when is your bday?enb

JSW said...

SB -
great photos! did you get a new lens?
miss ya'll and hope to see ya soon...

leslie the young mother said...

Sprinkles make everything better. Well, that and that adorable bored/content expression on SS's face in that picture by the door :) hope to see y'all soon!

Lindsay said...

So glad SS is sleeping through the night again! I can handle a lot of things, waking up in the night is not one of them- yay for ferberizing!

Susie said...

FYI -- a fun little thing. In Australia, sprinkles are called "hundreds and thousands" and they sprinkle them on a buttered piece of bread for their children, cut the bread into smaller pieces and call it "Fairy bread". Did you hear that SS?

Lynn Beck said...

Small reminds me of you when you'd come to Chuck's. You weren't into things like Swiffers, but you loved make-up (lots of it), jewelry, and old clothes. And, of course, Chuck (and I when I was there) loved having you "dig into them." Love you!

Bethan said...

love the one of him sitting in front of the door-- was showing it to my mom and we think he looks so much like lucy in that one!

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