aaahhhhhh, the management of stuff, creepy crawlers, and crazy hair


Because our stuff is EVERYWHERE. I know. It's just stuff, and this is a very trivial problem, but still.

Our sun room renovation is going slow (as we expected). But even slower than that.

We are waiting on the ground to dry so we can do the floors and fix our flooding issue.

But it seems as if dry ground is never going to happen in this record breaking year of rainfall.

Why is this all a problem?...We have used our "sun room" as storage all the time we've lived in our house. So all the STUFF that was in there is now tucked in various corners of our living space. And there is much more to be moved out to clear the way for further construction.

I don't function well in disorderly environments. Maybe it's because I'm the oldest child.

Anyway, I feel like I can't really clean, straighten, create a sense of order BECAUSE STUFF IS EVERYWHERE!

It really gets to me. Gets me down. Gives me the blues.

I'm giving away as much as I can. Things I don't use anymore. Things I have two of. I figure if it is less than $20 to replace, then it is okay to give away.

This past weekend at work I offered up a toaster oven to my coworkers. I simply don't have the counter space for it. I had 2 takers. TWO. They settled it. No tears were shed. They were very mature about it.

Also, I had a mini "give away garage sale" in the corner of my living room last week. Anybody that came over I told to "go to the corner, shop around, take anything you like." My sister "bought" some mixing bowls. My sister-in-law, a tea pot. And I still have a butter dish and a spare bullitin board for "sale." Going once, going twice, anyone?

I feel a lot better about giving something away to people I know. Sometimes, when I take stuff to GOODWILL I feel like I'm throwing it into a great abyss. A little better than the trash, but will anyone really buy my used stuff, really?

Also, in this great attempt to de-stuff I have made a mental rule. NO MORE STUFF, for now, until our room is done. And maybe even after that...NO STUFF.

I'll be the first to confess that I'm materialistic. I love stuff, nice stuff. But the management of stuff really irritates me sometimes.

The truth is we live in a world where stuff is necessary. But not having enough AND having too much can be a problem.

At the end of the day, I am very thankful for all my stuff... especially shelter, clothes, necessities, and my Canon T1i, and my Blue Italian Spode china, and my all-Clad cookware, and my diamond engagement ring, and my UGGS.

See, I told you I was materialistic.

I know I'll get through this junky phase. The room will be finished soon enough and I'll get our things in their proper places.

Now, let's talk about my other problem. Rats.

We have one (at least I hope it's just one).

Maybe it's a mouse.

Either way, I'm scarred for life.

The creepy crawler ate part of a loaf of bread, plastic and all.

YUCK. Tears, wailing. Tears of disgust upon finding my contaminated bread. Publix brand honey wheat. I had just switched from white to wheat too. Think of how discouraging that is.

Worst of all it woke us up in the night and kept ME up since 2:30 AM. We tried to catch it in the act of pitter pattering across our kitchen floor. But that little sorry excuse of a rodent is sneaky.

Tonight, IT'S ON. We're gonna git em'. Bullet between the eyes.

Or we could just use a mouse trap.

Maybe I could convince him I'm a lion with this mane I've been sporting lately.

Going to bed with hair wet + being in a family full of curly headed genes = CRAZY mountain woman hair. It was actually a lot bigger looking in person.

Woe is me.

So what's going on in your life?


Ramsey Revell said...

Amen! I completely share your distain for clutter. Your hair does not look bad at all, you should see mine when I don't do anything to it...finger in an electrical outlet bad!
Happy Wednesday!

Lynn Beck said...

I am so with you on the clutter. I throw things out and give them away at the drop of a hat!!

I love your curly hair!

And hang in there with the mouse. I've had them... they're no fun, but you're bigger and smarter!!

Liz said...

I'm thinking about registering for the all-clad..do you recommend it? By the way I LOVE your hair curly!!

leslie the young mother said...

Oh SB, I love you and all your organizing....
Also, your hair looks awesome!

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