baby lunch

This was Stephen Small's lunch one day earlier this week.

Have you ever seen anything more precious?

Feeding him morning, noon, and night has been my primary job for the past 10 months.

And it truly is a joy.

On an unrelated note I thought I would answer a couple of questions that were left in the comments.

1. Yes, I got a new lens, a 1.4 50mm. It allows me to take better indoor photos like the one above.

2. My birthday is March 27th. I will be 27 on the 27th!

Also, I put a few new recipes on literally, a spoonful.

Be back soon.


Lynn Beck said...

I think he looks more and more like you!

The "montage" Lucy took (he's in the green overalls walking around her house) is now my desktop background. When Small looks straight at the camera in those photos, he could be you. Compare those shots to the photos of you that you posted in "Doc's thoughts on health care." The resemblance is amazing.

Love the blog and am always so happy to open to a new post.

Lindsay said...

it's the lunch you talked about feeding SS back in June!

Lindsay said...

oh- and yay for the new lens! I know you love it!

Nell said...

Your indoor pictures look great! I need some lessons from you. And that's about the cutest meal I've ever seen. Love the new blog header, too! Congrats on your "golden birthday". . . I get to see you on it! :)

leslie the young mother said...

So sweet....and I think that highchair wins the prize for cutest one in pictures! See you soon!

Elisabeth said...

we are reading this enb and sally

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