Children should stay home 'til they're 10.

The title of this post is a saying an old family friend of my parents' used to say. And the further along in this motherhood thing I go, I agree with the statement more and more.

Simply put, children do better at HOME.

Don't get me wrong, I like to get out. But every time I go somewhere after I have wrestled to change a diaper, fought to put the boy's clothes on, gathered the diaper bag, a snack, blankets, my cell phone, purse, & any other items needed for the errand, we get in the car and Stephen Small does THIS....

He laughs. I laugh. Then he whines as I force him down in his car seat.

It's a workout for both of us.

Recently, a friend who has a child close to Stephen Small's age asked me..."When do you run errands?"

It got me thinking.

My response: generally, "I don't. (run errands)"

It's not worth it (99.9% of the time). Especially in the days of shopping on-line.

I do everything in my power to keep my errands to a minimum. When I have to go, I go early.

Now I don't want to give the impression that we don't go ANYWHERE. OR that I look down upon moms who are often out and about. If you are one of these moms, I just think you have more energy than me! My hats off to ya. And of course I know having more than one child necessitates going more places i.e. taking older children to school etc.

However, I am quite content with my general policy which is to STAY HOME! And that is my advice to people with small children (for what it is worth).

Quite a few times I have strayed from my policy and run out here and there only to be reminded of why I made the policy in the first place. Life is simpler, better, more orderly when I don't sporadically run out to T.J.MAX.

Oh sure, there are are things we do, places we go...the YMCA, various church activities, friend's houses, the grocery store. (All places within a 1 mile radius of our house.)

But the things and places I avoid are...the mall, Wal-mart, restaurants, dressing rooms, places with crowds and lines! Extra things like window shopping. Even under the best of circumstances, it is just not worth it.

My cousin once summed up my feelings saying..."If you can't get it at Kroger, you don't need it." (Thanks, Bibba) I repeat that quote to myself over and over when I am tempted to run to Target to buy a $12 top.

I write this all in the midst of an inner conflict. I WANT to go to Lowe's to buy paint to finish my half-painted (in a color I don't like) bathroom. But the sensible part of my brain keeps stepping in and saying, "No, there's too much traffic. It will exhaust you. It is just not worth it! Stay home. Read a book. Organize your sock drawer. Blog."

So I think I will (stay home today) and run my errands some other time sans Stephen Small when Grande can keep him at HOME.


Lynn Beck said...

I think Small may have a future as a yoga instructor (with that arch!!).

I'm with you on staying home and I don't have kids!

Lindsay said...

haha... or, you can be like me, the mom that lets her child run wild up and down the shoe aisles so she can shop... Certainly sometimes it's not worth it, but I think we go more nuts inside. Come on, Spring! Looking forward to seeing your bathroom!

mary straton said...

i love that it took me a minute to figure out which way SS's head was turned in that picture!

MaryMartha said...

I will say it gets much easier to take little ones on errands when they get a little older :) I think you get more flexible too!
Glad your enjoying where God has you right now!

Bethan said...

I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS. and i love being at home i really do. the only problem... my boy HATES being home. he wants to go "bye bye" constantly. he's always bringing me his boots, his coat, signing "please please please" so maybe just maybe i'll take him somewhere. good grief. at least your child likes being at home!!

by the way, i love those green overalls! where did those come from?

leslie the young mother said...

so. true. I'm also that mom that takes her (usually whining) child everywhere but most of the time it's not as much fun for either of us as staying at home would have been. I'll be sooo glad when spring is here and going to the park or outside in the yard will give me my "out of the house" break! SS is awesome in that picture....

Susie said...

Well said SB! It'll get easier...then at about age 15, it gets harder again! haha!!

abbiegrace said...

I totally agree!

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