The Third Best Day of My Life

No doubt the first best day of my life was the day I married Stephen Grande.

And of course the second best day was the day Stephen Small was born (although he was not so small at birth, just an ounce shy of 9 lbs).

My favorite picture EVER!!!!!

Today I want to focus on the third best day of my life. And that is the day we bought/moved into our house. It has been one year this week!

Before becoming home owners we rented a charming little house built in 1930's. And I'm pretty sure the kitchen had not been updated except for the linoleum floors that were probably put in sometime during the 80's. In other words: IT HAD NO DISHWASHER. Besides that, the house was old, drafty (high power bills), had no water pressure, and was in great need of repairs that the owners were not willing to do. Despite these things, we loved that little house, but as my belly grew (I was pregnant at the time) my affections for our rental began to die. I basically began to loathe the place. I was weary of all the time I was spending at the kitchen sink worshin' dishes. My neck hurt. My arms hurt. And then one day I had a mini nervous breakdown and told Stephen Grande he needed to do more cleaning and worshin' around the house because frankly growing a baby, working full time, and keeping up with my chores was wearing me out. More than that...I did not think we could function well in that house with a newborn baby! We needed to move. I just felt it in my gut (kicking me in night).

And so began our house hunting. I only had one requirement: MUST HAVE DISHWASHER!

Needless to say, we found a delightful, clean home with a dishwasher just a stone's throw from the rental house. I told Stephen Grande to GET ME THAT HOUSE or I might loose my mind (I think he thought I had already lost it). And after a little negotiating the house was ours. I thanked Stephen Grande 1,932 times.

One year later we still love our little 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. It is not a fine home. It is not a luxurious home. But it's home.

It's where my heart is.

It's where doing dishes is a joy.


Susie Talbot said...

Ahhh...nice photos. Love, marriage, dishwasher, baby carriage--definitely! xo

Lynn Beck said...

I love your very pregnant house picture... and the others too.

leslie the young mother said...

sounds like a dream come true :) can't wait to finally see it! you're so good at making a house a home SB.

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