Picasa: Google's FREE photo editing software

Many of you wonderful readers have asked me if I use Photoshop. My answer is no, I use Picasa, Google's FREE photo editing software. Just a few clicks and you can have it downloaded on your computer. (Be careful as you download as to not activate any "weird" settings).

I use Picasa to make bad pictures good and good pictures better. It also has features for turning colored pictures into black and white and making photo collages.

This picture below was accidentally taken on a camera setting that made the photo blue, but after a little Picasa magic it's a cool black and white!

Picasa is also how I make all my fun blog headers....you can arrange photos however you want and then add text. It's super fun. I find it addictive.
The possibilities are endless...

Here's a fun food collage!

And here's one of my favorites...but note that the shadows are a little too dark around Stephen Grande's face.

So I lightened it up with the "fill light" feature....

And then added some text.

Give it a try. Experiment. It took me a little while to learn my way around and make the most of all the features. But once you get the hang of it, it is really fun and did I mention it is FREE?!!!

Also, here is a FANTASTIC TUTORIAL for customizing your blog header on blogger. Enjoy.


Selim said...

Software is useful...
In combination with this tool I propose to use Showzey. Showzey is free software that:
collect all Your photos on one place,
copy photos between Gmail account, Picasa, Facebook and Flickr.


Susie Talbot said...

You make it sound so easy...is it really? Even for ole folks?

leslie the young mother said...

thanks for the tip! I always loove your headers....

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