The Good Stuff

Whew! We have been busy. Life, work, play, etc. And of course I'm behind on my daily chores.

I think I have now lived long enough to understand that you never really "catch up." There is no such thing as "getting it together." Never a point (in life) where you can coast. Never a time to sit back and sail through your days without frustrations and setbacks. Sometimes I actually believe that if I get organized enough then all I have to do is "maintain." What a joke!

We all know a woman's work is never done.

And a man's work is never done either.

It's biblical.

I am learning to not get so "undone" at the fact that I'm always 2, 3, or 10 steps behind (whatever task I'm trying to complete). You moms with more than one kiddo, I'm impressed that you ever get anything done at all....EVER. I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Also, before I go any further, I want to say a quick word about blogs. Darby, from Fly Through Our Window, (a blog I follow) has some great observations about the blog world. In a recent post she made the point that it is so easy to think "the grass is always greener" for others when you are "blog surfing." I think the reason is largely due to the fact that we put the GOOD STUFF on blogs (a point she also makes). It is our romanticized version of our life that we most often write about. Blogs are not a true picture of what someone's life is really like. The author picks and chooses what they want people to see or what they want to remember. I just had to say (write) that. I don't want to give anyone the impression that things are always peaches and cream at my house. Trust me, you do not want to hear about the dried earthworms on my sun room floor, the arguments I have with my spouse, or the piece of hospital fried chicken I ate at work this weekend because I forgot my lunch at home. It is the good stuff I like to share and write about. And of course I like to throw a little reality in every now and then.

So here is some of the GOOD STUFF that has been occupying our time the past few days....


I'm really into appliqueing fabric scraps on onesies. REEEALLLYYY into it. I'm making them to give as little baby gifts.

I think they are the cutest things I have ever seen. And so does Stephen Grande. His words when I showed him the finished product "That's so cute it could kill somebody."

Don't tell him I told you that. I promise he's very manly. But he does have 3 sisters, so he is rather in touch with his sensitive side. (He can quote Anne of Green Gable's...shhh.)

And I think I know the cutest onesie model on the face of this earth..Stephen Small.

We also took dinner to some friends with a new baby last week. (Of course I gave them a onesie).

I love the age old practice of taking meals to friends. This dinner of pork tenderloin and pasta with roasted vegetables was inspired by my mom. We gave 1/2 to friends and the other half we enjoyed while glued to the TV watching the first episode of this season's LOST!

We have also managed to squeeze in some pretty nice walks in between all the rainy days.

And as always, I've been doing some grocery shopping (one of my favorite past times, seriously). I have especially enjoyed the avocado sale at Publix. They are 50 cents a piece!!! That's CHEAP for avocados if you are not familiar with their usual high dollar price of $1.49 each. I have been buying them up...made guacamole a time or two. And I've cut them up in little bites for Stephen Small.

Quick little story regarding my 50 cent delicacies...

I worked this past Saturday which means Stephen Grande was Mr. Mom. At noon, he called to ask what to feed Stephen Small for lunch. I said..."How about some avocado?" So Stephen Grande (not knowing there was 1/2 untouched avocado in the fridge) went straight for Friday night's leftover guacamole and proceeded to feed it to Stephen Small for lunch, which is not a big deal except it had onions in it. 9 1/2 month olds just don't eat onions (do they?). My baby had onion breath...HA! It gave us a good laugh.

Last GOOD thing before I sign out...I'd like to introduce you to Jeff, the alligator. Stephen Small has been playing with Jeff quite a bit lately (in his own room.) Stephen Small's room that is; Jeff does not have a room. He (S.S.) loves it in there. And I think it is so sweet that he enjoys his room so much.

Alright. I'm out. Gotta Worsh.
Be back soon!


MaryMartha said...

i want to do an applique class...are you up for it? It's in march.

Nell said...

So cute they could kill. Love it. I also loved what Darby said about blogging. It's a good reminder that we all have good, bad, and ugly in our lives. Sorry to hear about your earthworms and hospital yard bird.

Lynn Beck said...

SB -- I'm astounded and impressed with your sewing!! And Stephen Small just gets better and better!!

Love to everyone.

Laura Merrill said...

I am so in love with your onsies!!!

Lindsay said...

Love it! All of it, food included. I am dying that SS ate guac, he'll be the easiest kid to feed if he already eats onions. Oh- I want that pasta recipe!

Sellars said...

yummy!!! I also love the shirts i must try to do that!

leslie the young mother said...

Those onesies are sooo adorable! You're a sewing MACHINE. I'm scared what else you're going to start appliqueing. SS is adorable as always....I can't believe he ate onions, how funny! Miss you!

Susie Talbot said...

Cute, cute blog and more cute...sprinkled with a little delicious (the food looked so good!) and sweet, CUTE baby boy. Also appreciated your disclaimer about blogging. True.

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