My Week in a Nutshell

Monday night we hosted our couples Bible study that we've been involved in for 2 1/2 years. I served sweet tea out of a cracked pitcher (it has been cracked for 4 years without a leak...it was a very small crack). Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened. It broke. Sweet tea everywhere. Floors stickier than the movie theater's. (Sorry, Annie. Major party foul on my part). My point is...no matter how small the crack...don't use cracked pitchers!

Just a word for the wise...and now a word of thanks.

Thank you for all your complements on the birthday banner! I'm afraid this is only the beginning of my sewing and craftiness (watch out Stephen Grande). My next project will be a bed skirt for Stephen Small's crib. I highly recommend taking up sewing if you are at all interested. It's therapeutic. And if I can do it anyone can. The main challenge is finding the time. Sewing + small children + interruptions = frustration. I only get my sewing machine out at night when Stephen Small goes to bed.

Other thoughts...I have a serious case of spring fever...

I want to grill out, plant herbs, eat dinner on the back porch, wear shorts & flip flops, and ride in the back of a pick-up truck.

Okay...maybe not the last thing, but you know what I mean. It has been such a beautiful week and Stephen Small is getting over a cold which means I've had to keep him out of the YMCA nursery (where I've been exercising since the first of the year.)

Yesterday, I was feeling so unmotivated in general...to exercise, worsh, to do anything (some days are just like that). I didn't even feel like blogging. My remedy was to force myself to go on a walk. That is a little mental rule of mine. When you are in a funk, feeling frazzled, unproductive, etc....GO FOR A WALK. It is amazing what a little fresh air and exercise can do!

I then came home (with a new outlook on life)...I cleaned, prepared dinner (which only required reheating a pot of chicken soup), and invited Aunt Lu over to eat with us.

Funny story...Aunt Lu's husband, Nick, has been working out of town for the past several weeks, so I have been inviting her over for dinner quite regularly. Last Thursday I called and as usual said, "Do you want to eat with us tonight?" She said, "sure." The only problem was I did not have anything prepared for dinner...and I had not been to the store...and it was 5pm (so much traffic). I then called her back and told her I really didn't have anything to eat and said "What do you have at your house?," thinking we could compile our leftovers and have a decent meal. She had the same things as me...salsa, sour cream, and cheese....nothing to really make a meal out of. Anyway....subconsciously, I weaseled my way into sending her to the grocery store to pick up some frozen pizzas. We had a good laugh that I invited her over, but then sent her to the store to buy the food. You can only do that to your sister.

This week I was proud to actually have a meal to serve good ol' Aunt Lu.

I am also proud of Stephen Small....who SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR THE FIRST TIME...since well before Christmas. Let's hope this is the beginning of a new pattern.

Enjoying Veggie Tales

Just a thinkin'

That's all for today folks. Have a great weekend!


Lynn Beck said...

Love the "thinkin" photo. And I've got spring fever too!! It looks like y'all - at least - have some sunshine. We've been gray for almost 6 weeks! I'm ready for California sun.

Nell said...

Bring on spring!!! I agree....Nothing is more therapeutic than a walk. I just miss our walks together...Bruno's, TCBY, Cary Woods, etc.

leslie the young mother said...

Me too! I'm totally in a winter funk. We've been too sick for the gym as well and I'm DYING for a walk. Thanks for calling me on yours yesterday...good talk dear friend :) Also, that last pic of Stephen makes me cry. He's so precious!!!

Anonymous said...

I've got the fever, too! Happy weekend, hope the sleep keeps up!

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