7 Layer Salad, Sewing, & Table Food

Good Monday morning!

First things first. Here's my recipe for 7 layer salad. My mom took this to dinner parties in the 80's. She said back then it was all the rage. And I think it's about time we bring it back (with a few modifications I made, of course.) I love the presentation and all of it's delicious qualities. I recently made it for a family gathering....

First...you need a glass bowl (mine is rather large). You could use a smaller one and adjust proportions.


1 head green leaf lettuce 
1 bag matchstick carrots
1 medium red onion
1 cart cherry or grape tomatoes
1 bag green peas (the frozen kind...thawed)
2 cups grated cheddar cheese
6 strips bacon cooked and diced into homemade bacon bits
green onions diced
1 1/2 cups mayonnaise
1/4 cup sugar

Combine mayo and sugar for dressing and set aside. I was wary of this combination at first, but it worked quite nicely.

Next...you simply layer up lettuce, carrots, red onion, cherry tomatoes, peas, grated sharp cheddar cheese, and mayo dressing.

Finally top with some extra cheese, diced green onions, and delicious bacon!

I promise you will win friends and influence people if you make this salad.

In other culinary news, I have a few things to note about my chocolate cake and sweet potato fries. Thank you friends for all your feedback!

*The cake does best when slightly (and I mean slightly) undercooked. You want to be able to stick a knife in it and come out clean, but you want it to be very very moist. It will cook a little on its own for a few minutes when removed from the oven. Also, mine was quite delicate when I removed it from the pans...I had to handle with the utter most care. This is what you want for optimum moisture.

*About sweet potatoes. Raw sweet potatoes can be hard as rocks...I had a friend text me in the midst of her dicing difficulties. I told her you need a strong man and a sharp knife. Really you just need a sharp knife. But it never hurts to have a strong man around. Also, I sharpen my knife just before dicing.

In non-culinary events....

I took up sewing again. I just completed a fun project and on a sunny day I'll take pictures and post them. I made it using all these fabrics. And no it is not a quilt. That would be my wildest dream come true. I love a quilt. But unfortunately, I'm not that advanced.

And lastly, for those of you interested in the riveting topic of infant feeding (and I know there are plenty of ya)...My little man has moved up to the wonderful world of table foods.

If you see us on the street you can guarantee I've got one of these on me...

Honey Nut Cheerios...

He's also eating oatmeal (aka porridge), bananas, baked sweet potatoes, peas, banana bread, turkey, ground beef, and goldfish. I do put a little sugar in his oatmeal. I know some people might think that's unhealthy....but I don't want no boy of mine eatin' bland porridge. Now read that last line line in your sassiest mammy voice...ha.

On that note, I'm outta here.

Gotta go feed my growin boy.


Lynn Beck said...

I think Stephen Small will be walking in about 15 minutes!! He looks ready to take off-- and with all that good food, he'll have the energy to do just that.

Bethan said...

i grate apples into elijah's porridge (we call it that too!) and that sweetens it enough for him. he LOVES it. he eats it every morning.... and cheerios are the best thing in the whole world.

Lindsey Henig said...

Excuse me, I am a TERRIBLE mother then for giving pollard Peaches-n-cream and bananas-n-cream oatmeal by Quaker!!! Let me tell you, he loves it. That and some fruit, washed down with apple juice is a complete breakfast. Way to go Stephen Small for moving up to table foods!!!!

Anonymous said...

J has brown sugar, cinnamon and cream in his oatmeal, how's that for healthy! Of course it's his favorite meal. J also eats the heck out of some cheerios- but, we do plain. I don't think babies are supposed to have honey yet. But, I know you live on the wild side and I am a paranoid ninny. Salad looks good, reminds me of the "How I met your mother" episode with Marshall's family. Anyone?

leslie the young mother said...

oh my, must make that salad yesterday! yum! and I can't believe it's already time for the table food eating...quit growing so fast Stephen! He's so precious SB :)

Barefoot Belle said...

You totally could make a quilt. Kudzu Blossom quilt shop is where my mom learned--and she taught me. It really was not as complicated as I thought!

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