A Dinner Idea: Black Bean and Spinach Quesadilla

I am no health nut or a vegetarian, but every now and then I enjoy a meat-free meal. This black bean and spinach quesadilla is SO satisfying, yet sort of healthy (in my opinion), and easy, and fun, and delicious. I even served them to company!


flour tortillas (I buy mine in the Mexican food section, they are the BEST)
1 bag spinach
1 can black beans drained and rinsed
Monterey Jack cheese shredded
Sharp cheddar cheese shredded
1 onion sliced
1 bell pepper sliced

First step: NOT PICTURED... saute a sliced onion and bell pepper (any color) until tender and translucent.

Next, turn your skillet (or large saute pan) up to medium heat. Butter it up...then place tortilla on the surface, layer 1/2 the tortilla with cheese and black beans. I use a small handful of both cheddar and Monterey jack.

Next, pile on your sauteed onions and peppers and a huge handful of spinach (because it will wilt down significantly).

Then fold over the other half of the tortilla and weight it down with a pot top or something. Cook 3-4 minutes or until the underside is browned, the cheese is melted, and the spinach is wilted.

Remove weight and flip to the other side. You want the tortilla nice and crispy. Golden.

Last, serve it up with some sour cream, salsa, rice, lettuce, green onion....whatever ya got.
It's good....

and sort of healthy in my book!

Happy Wednesday


Nell said...

Yum! This reminds me of the black bean burrito at Summer Kitchen in Rosemary. Delicious. Theirs has chicken, which I bet you could add to this one. I will be trying this one soon!

Whitney said...

Thank you for this!! I've been in need of good recipes!

LJM said...

yum! and you know i LOVE step by step pictures!! thanks for sharing! We'll have to try!

Kate said...

Looks delicious!

Lynn Beck said...

this looks wonderful.

Louise said...

(This is Louise from DeSoto) I happened upon your blog via facebook, but i love reading it! I've become mildly (majorly) obsessed with cooking since college and everything you put up sounds yummy (beautiful pictures too). I tried the chicken parm the other day to rousing success! I hope that all is well :)

tylerandalyssa said...

We made this tonight here in Japan. We had to change the recipe a tiny bit (only one kind of cheese here). It was wonderful! Thanks for your post and blog! -Tyler&Alyssa

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