Thoughts and Stories About Publix

I cannot say it enough. I LOVE PUBLIX!

I want to shout it from the rooftops.

But this is a love that has evolved. You could call it an acquired love.

The short version (okay long version; there is no short version) of this love story all started with my first grocery trip as a newlywed. I went to Publix, spent 80 something dollars, and had little to show for it. I did not plan my meals well and ended up buying things like fresh basil with the intention to use only a teaspoon for ONE recipe. I discarded the rest a week later after it rotted in my refrigerator drawer. (Now days I would substitute, skip the fresh basil, or pick some out of a sister's yard.) Anyway, that one trip left me with a bad impression of Publix. I concluded that it was too expensive, and I've always been a Kroger girl if you want to know the truth. So I spent the next year and a half driving out of my way to shop at Kroger.

But when we moved to our current city. There... was... no... Kroger.



I seriously mourned this fact for weeks.

And not being able to be patient on the tiny isles at Winn Dixie, I resolved myself to shop at Publix. I accepted it, tried to make the most of it, and moved on.

But over time shopping at Publix has turned from a necessity to a joy. I'm not exactly sure why the change of heart. Maybe its just the familiarity. But anyhow...I love to go. I've learned to shop the sales and I'm a sucker for BUY ONE GET ONE (free). I chat with the deli man and the check out ladies. And you can imagine how much they love Stephen Small. I know where every item in the store is from milk to toothpicks to silver polish. I'm pretty sure I could work there and require no orientation.

Here are a couple of examples of my successful shopping experiences.

I bought all these groceries for $18.47 BUY ONE GET ONE.
Normally all this would cost $36.94.
My shopper's high was exhilarating.
Not pictured are the hot dogs I bought for 1 cent with the penny item coupon from Sunday's paper.

A few weeks ago I bought olive oil and mayonnaise BUY ONE GET ONE.
Normally $26. I paid $13. It simply doesn't get any better.
I even have funny family memories from shopping at my Publix. Like the time my dad was confronted in the check out line by a lady that "perceived" him to be rude at the deli.

We were checking out and a woman comes up to him and says, "Were you born rude?"

We both looked at her with bewilderment...WHAT? We had never seen this woman.

She then goes on to say that he (my dad, Doc) cut in front of her at the deli. Neither of us could recall that he actually did that or that she was even at the deli. So we shrugged it off, paid for the three pounds of Havarti cheese, and went on our merry way. What kind of bitter person brings her beef (not literal beef) all the way from the deli to the check out line? Why would you not just say something in the moment if you were truly offended by someone stepping in front of you in line. Guess we'll never know.

Really the encounter with this bizarre lady was the second part to this funny story. The first part took place at the deli when we were buying the Havarti cheese I referenced above (but with no involvement from that random lady because neither of us remember her being there in the first place).

So rewind back to the deli. We were standing there and my dad wants to buy some Havarti cheese for the Auburn/Ole Miss tailgate we were on our way to. The deli woman behind the counter ask "What can I get for you?"

My dad says "I'll take some Havarti cheese."

"How much?," asked the deli lady.

Barry says..."Bout' half of that block."

And when I say this was a huge block of cheese...I mean like a six pound block. I swear he bought 3 pounds NOT SLICED. Just a huge block.

This might just be funny to me, but most people don't buy deli cheese that way. I found it hilarious.

In summary: We bought three pounds of Havarti cheese, my dad was insulted at the check out line, and I love Publix!

And Barry is not rude. Silly...yes. Quiet at times. But rude...never.

This picture is from the day we moved into our new house. I have no idea who took it or what it is about. But it kind of sums up my dad's personality. Does this man look rude to you?

Thank you Publix for your smokin' good deals and hilarious family memories.

Happy Tuesday! And I hope y'all come back to my blog despite this silly, weird, and maybe a little confusing post.


Barefoot Belle said...

I miss Publix! I can't wait to buy some "French Hamburger Buns" when I go home--burgers just aren't the same without them.

Maybe the confrontation lady in Publix was from Philadelphia? That kind of reaction and sense of entitlement is pretty common up here!

Lynn Beck said...

Doc is most definitely not rude. He can, however, get a little feisty at times. (I remember his shouthing "IDIOT" at the top of his voice when a crazy driver almost ran us down in Nashville.)

I've never been to a Publix and I hate to grocery shop but you almost make me want to visit one!

Ada Moore said...

i am right there with you....i drive much futher to get to the publix in tuscaloosa, and it is worth every extra second....the fresh produce alone made our summer and i am loving the seasonal selections they have that you can experiment with all year round...it really is the place "where shopping is a pleasure" love your blog, beth got me hooked...

The Hardens said...

I have a funny family story about Publix too. Several years ago, my aunt and cousin had just moved to Naples, Florida from Mississippi (where there are NO Publix of course). The store only have a wooden sign announcing contruction like they do with stores like that for the longest time. Well, either typo or vandalism...the sign read "Pubix." So we happened to be out an about the Grand Opening day. LOVED the store. Later went to my aunt's very large corporate office where she introduced us to everyone also where we told EVERYONE about our trip to PUBIX! People snickered but didn't say much (even though it is Florida they all were from Ohio, Indiana, NY). They were probably thinking "what dumb, vulgar Southerns!" Still to this day, I laugh about it.

Nell said...

SB...We need a Publix so badly! I am still trying to commit to one store...Schnuck's, SuperLo, or Kroger. They all have their perks, but I really wish Publix was an option! I love your stories, and you made me want to cut some coupons and save, save, save!

JGA said...

I know I know the story about that picture somewhere in my brain, but for some reason it escapes me. Where is George when you need him?

Whitney Lee said...

Oh SB, do I have a story about publix for YOU!

And I'm not sure if you need the coupon for your 1 cent item. Every Sunday and Monday in Anderson, they have a 1 cent mystery item! No coupon necessary!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Yes, at Publix shopping really is a pleasure. Sarah at fiddledeedeemom.com blogs exclusively about great deals you can get each week at Publix. Check it out and watch those saved pennies add up!

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