My Two Cents on Baby Gear

Last night I went to a baby shower. As all the ladies were eyeing the goods I was saying things like "ooh we have that" and "oh, that's a great monitor" and "those are the best bottles" and so on and so on. Some of the friends I was with are soon-to-be-new-mothers and they suggested I blog about all the baby gear and products that we have enjoyed. So here it is mamas...

Just so you know, I'm typing this really fast while Stephen Small is taking a nap, so forgive me if some of it doesn't make sense or if you find spelling errors;)

Chicco infant car seat

Pro: 2 of my best college friends bought this car seat before me. They both had good things to say. And to be really honest. I liked the color...orange for Auburn! The other colors it comes in are all cool too. It has been a good one. It's very sturdy and of course safe!

Con: a little heavy when used as an infant carrier

2. Combi pack n play

Pro: Aunt Lu gave this to us as a baby gift. We use it now more than ever since Stephen Small is mobile. He contently plays in it when I need to put him in one place and know that he's safe. I try not to cage him up too much, but it is nice when I'm folding clothes or want to catch a little extra sleep when he wakes up at 5:30!!! And to be honest...I like the bright green color.

Con: Cumbersome to put up. Y'all know how handy Stephen Grande is and he even had a hard time putting this thing together. I thought he was going to have a nervous breakdown. I have heard this about all pack n plays though. (If you get one and live in the area, I'd be happy to come give you a tutorial. It is easy once you know how.)

3. Hoppy Days Bouncer

Pro: Babies love these. I found it most useful when I needed to take a shower. I would bring it in the bathroom with me and he would just bounce away.

Con: It is a killer when you stub your toe on it. I think it has special powers and reaches out to trip humans.

4. Graco Baby Monitor

Pro: Compact. Light. You can clip it on your pants and move about the house. Covers a long distance. Little to no static.

Con: It is the vehicle through which your child wakes you in the wee hours of the night.

5. Graco My Ride Carseat

Pro: This is a "big boy" car seat. I just got it last week. I haven't used it yet, but I have read and heard great things. The primary reasons I chose this one are

1) It is about have the price a Britax (which seem to be the most popular)
2) He can ride in this until he is 65 lbs. Y'all... he will still be using this thing in 4th grade!!!! He will practically get out of the car seat and get his drivers license in the same week!!! I think it is so funny that kids have sit in a car seat until they are almost grown.
3) Once again I like the color. A nice shade of teal.

Con: None (yet).

6. Kolcraft Stroller

Pro: I call this stroller a walk/run stroller. It is great for going on a walk or jog. The best thing about it is when your baby is an infant you can turn him/her to face you. And when they are older you can adjust the seat to face outward. I love it.

Con: Cumbersome to fold up and travel with.

7. Ergo baby carrier

Pro: 1)Thick straps that are so comfortable for Mom and Dad to wear. 2) Comfortable for baby because they sit in it like a little seat instead of all the pressure being on their little bottom.
3)You can whip it around and put it on your back when they are a little older so you can use it until they are practically a teenager or 40-50lbs.

Con: Baby cannot sit front facing like they can in a baby Bjorn.

8. Jenny Lind Crib

Pro: Inexpensive, classic look. It has adjustable high railing so baby can't stand up and jump out quite so easily. Some of the beds with a lower solid front rail can be bothersome because baby outgrows the crib sooner. Also, my cousin bought one and painted it pink for her little girl....what fun!

Con: None.

9. Noise Maker (any kind or brand that has "white noise")

Pro: This drowns out all the sounds of the house so you don't have to tip tow around to avoid waking baby. Also, when I turn it on it "signals" sleep/rest to Stephen Small. You should see how he calms down and switches gears as soon as he hears the noise.

Con: They are addictive and you will find that you can't sleep without it because the sound comes through the monitor.

Hope some of this is helpful to you new little mamas! Try not to stress about all the stuff. If it is on the market then it is most likely safe. Really all the baby needs is YOU. My pediatrician told me that as I was leaving the hospital. And it is true!

TGIF from me and Stephen Small!


Patrick and Sarah Grace said...

Hey SB! I was wondering, how did you arrange those pictures on this post? And at the top of your blog?

sutalbot said...

Unbelievable how much stuff it takes to care for such a small human huh? It's all so NICE/CLEVER nowadays! Once upon a time we thought paper diapers were innovative! ;o)

leslie the young mother said...

so fun! love your pros/cons. reality check :) also, where in the world did you find your noise maker? i'm looking for one that isn't also a clock.

Lynn Beck said...

Again -- I love hearing from you!! You are a great writer. I love you.

SusanSCarothers said...

Thanks SB! Very helpful!! :)

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