Captian Steve's Game Day Nachos

On game day Captain Steve gets hungry and I mean HUNGRY.

So to appease his man sized appetite I have started making nachos out of leftovers and items that are staples in my kitchen such as tortilla chips, left over meat, some sort of onion, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. This is the most PERFECT snack/meal.

All you do is put tortilla chips or Fritos (or a combo of the 2 like you see in the picture) on a plate, top with meat (ground beef, chicken, steak, whatever you got) and cheese. Then warm in the microwave until cheese is good and melted. Last pile on whatever leftover toppings you have.

As I was making them I warned him... I said "You are about to fall in love with me all over again."

And he did.

And then he sat down and watched the tigers lose.
War Eagle anyway.

And please don't be confused... Stephen Grande is also known as Captain Steve around these parts. If you want to know why click here.


Suegma said...

Looks good--better than the Tigers looked today..boo hoo...At least Steve can turn to food for comfort!

Nell said...

SB! I am coming out of the darkness into the light of blogging! The nachos look delicious. Too bad the football was so pitiful today. Your day looks a lot like ours. Happy Fall!

Lynn Beck said...

The nachos look amazing! Love to Captain Steven and Stephen II.... and love to you!

leslie the young mother said...

Those nachos make me fall in love with you too :) Good thing I have all of those ingredients lying around...

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