Captain Steve Koozie

For years...and I mean years, Stephen has owned and loved a Koozie (in Mississippi its called a Huggie). Neon green, navy blue anchor, wording that said "Happy 50th, Captian Steve." Stephen found it on a friend's boat in 2005 and adopted it for himself. No one knows who it belonged to originally or who Captain Steve was.

Unfortunately it was lost (or stolen) a few weeks ago at the Flora-Bama while he was on a bachelor's weekend for his friend A.Lee. One minute it was there, the next minute...gone. Although appropriate that the Captain Steve Koozie's final farewell was at the Flora-Bama, it was not the first time it had been lost.

Several times Stephen would come home from a friend's house, the lake, etc and sadly announce that the koozie was gone. But until now it always...and I mean always reappeared. Usually it showed up in the laundry stuffed in pants pockets. And as many times the koozie was lost in the laundry it was left behind at our friends', family's, and neighbor's houses...always to be returned.

My favorite Captain Steve Koozie story is when we left it in the guest room at my parents house. For days my mom said she would walk in the room after we left and smell an offensive odor. She finally pinpointed it to the koozie that was left behind. It did smell...of mildew, beer, the lake, sunscreen.

Let me take you down memory lane of a real fun day with the koozie. I think these are the only pictures we have with it.

So many fun times were had in the presence of the koozie. You can imagine the disappointment Stephen felt when it was no more. And though it is not replaceable he had to do something to deal with the loss.

So what do you think he did?

Ordered a new Captain Steve Koozie...or 20

The packaged arrived and we now own 20 of THESE


Lynn Beck said...

Congrats to Captain Steve! -- SB, he's taking after your grandfather (and, to some extent, your dad) with the philosophy that "if one of something is good, twenty is clearly much better.).

SB -- You are a terrific writer!

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical... and I'm sure one of those little guys will stand out.

leslie. said...

This is the best story ever. And what a great ending for Stephen.....now he can enjoy his Captain Steve Koozie without worrying he'll lose the one and only :)

Lawren said...


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