Old Hair New Hair

Old, Tired, Ratty, Frizzy, Ugly Hair

New, Light, Healthy, Fun, Pretty Hair

I have not had my hair cut since December, nearly six months ago. I was beginning to let myself go. If you see me starting to slip back into my old hair "look," please tell me. It will not hurt my feelings.


Laura M. said...

SB your new do look SO good! So you hit that part of early motherhood where you realized... I NEED A CHANGE! Sick of waiting to take a shower until you go to bed... sick of only brushing your teeth once a day... sick of not having a reason to blow dry your hair or put on make up!? Good for you for taking time out and doing something for yourself... "letting yourself go" ... people think it is a cliche but it is really easy to do without realizing it. LOVE the haircut.

leslie. said...

Looks fabulous!!! Seems like time in Greenville is very refreshing...enjoy!

Laura said...


Anonymous said...

Love it! Very Reese Witherspoon mama look.

Lynn Beck said...

It looks great!!
Love you and LOVE the blogs.

Lawren said...

Look the new look SB! So cute!!!

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