We Sipped, We Saw

While Stephen and I were in Greenville my mom threw us a sip and see. Not only was it fun to introduce Stephen to Greenville friends, it was a great excuse to have a party. These pictures make it look fancier than it actually was. A third of the guests were invited via text message to give you an idea of its casualness. But even though it was really casual, it was very nice. My mom has always done a great job of entertaining. It doesn't seem stress her out. This post is to give you a glimpse of the event and maybe inspire you a little bit. There are so many easy ways to make a party special. It's all in the simplest details.

Ribbons tied around glasses

Flowers picked out of the Archer's yard

Bourbon balls

Tiny Bubbles

Sugar Cookies

BLT bites

Bottled Cokes and beer

Diaper cake...a friend brought this as a gift

My friend Amanda and her baby, Warner (4 months).


A large time was had by all.

Including the guest of honor who slept the whole time! He was still cute as ever.


Anonymous said...

I want to be there!! What a fun idea, your mom does host the best parties. I LOVE the new green kitchen!

leslie. said...

Looks like a wonderful party! Stephen is cute as ever and you look great!

Lynn Beck said...

What a great idea!! Glad everyone got to meet Stephen.

Jessica Govan said...

How fun! I am actually throwing one for my sis next weekend! Thanks for the great ideas!!

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