To Grandmother's House We Go

Just a quick hello...Baby Stephen and I are in Mississippi visiting my parents (Lovie and Doc) for a few days. We miss big Stephen SO much, but we are still managing to have a good time!

The trip over was beautiful. My mom came and drove us since it is such a long way, 333 miles to be exact. I think we stopped at every mom and pop fruit stand on hwy 82 looking for beef steak tomatoes...never found any though.

Here we are the first night of our visit. Stephen and I spent some time in the new green kitchen in our matching green P.J's. I have not been home to Greenville since Thanksgiving! Also, I am never at my parents house by myself....without husband, sister, brother, etc. I feel like an only child.

We are feeling very relaxed...as you can see. Much more to come....

Do you think Stephen is doing ok without us?!

Sorry for stealing your facebook photos again Lauren.

1 comment:

Lynn Beck said...

I LOVE seeing you at home! And I love the green (kitchen), green (your pj's), green (Stephen's pj's) photo. You look great by the way.

Have fun!!

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