Some Other Things

While I'm waiting on Stephen Grande to get his act together for his guest post, I'll catch up on some other things....

I made this the other night...The Pioneer Woman's grilled Ribeye with onion-blue cheese sauce. And when I say it was good, I mean it. So good we had to set the table and use our silver steak knives. So good we turned off Family Guy and had a conversation. So good we will be making it again soon...and very soon. Restaurant quality as my brother would say.
Now I'll tell you how I grilled this fine piece of beef... on my new Patio Caddie. I have been wanting a little and very user friendly gas grill. My mom found this one and ordered it from Wal-mart. Some of her friends have it and they say the gas tank lasts forever.

Now I can grill and not wait for Grande to get home and light up the charcoal. I almost lost my eyebrows the first time I used it, but slowly I'm getting the hang of it. I highly recommend purchasing one.

In addition to eating steak and using Patio Caddies, we have been listening to a lot of Jeff Foxworthy stand up. Let us not forget how funny he is. I'm not much for comedy (Stephen Grande lives for comedy), but I do love Foxworthy.

In one routine I heard recently he said, "Did you know babies are nauseated by the smell of a clean shirt?"
Laugh out loud. So true. If you have on a clean shirt, if your baby has on a clean shirt, if anyone within a mile radius has on a clean shirt, your baby will spit up on it. My little man is not even a spitter upper, but something about a clean shirt really gets his upper GI tract going.
My advice to new mothers...always, always, always have a burp clothe on hand.... and give up on wearing clean shirts. I wish someone had told me this sooner.

Last thing...my tiny child has crawling on the brain. He gets in this position and rocks back and forth with his little hiney in the air. He loves it. We love it.
Growing up is so much fun!

Much more to come...


Lynn Beck said...

Hooray - a wonderful new post! The steak looks amazing, and baby S. continues to be absolutely wonderful.

He looks like your dad as a baby in the crawling picture!

Joy said...

Oh, SB, look at Baby Stephen!! I can't believe he's that big already. So cute. give him a kiss for us. and tell him GA says hi. :)

Anonymous said...

My parents made PW's blue cheese ribeye the other night! They said it was amazing too. Stephen is going to crawl sooo soon! I love him. Must see him soon. J and S would have even more fun than last time.

Jill said...

Can't believe he's on his hands and knees. Look out!

leslie. said...

Oh yum! What a cool grill, looks handy and easy which is awesome.
Also, go little Stephen! Learning to crawl is so cute!!!

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