One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure

Finally we are home from visiting my parents in Greenville, Mississippi for the long Labor day weekend. We have a tendency of extending our trips there an extra day or so. There is something about a 6 hour drive that brings out the procrastinators in us...and the fact that we always have a good time.

Traveling often provides an abundance of blog material...I'll begin by showing off the goods I found while cleaning out the "exercise" room (aka junk room) at my mom and dad's.

I first came upon this never read set of the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I've been wanting to read and re-read these books for a long time. Stephen Grande reminds me of Pa and I always tell him "you are just like Pa." For those of you not familiar with the books, Pa is a very rugged yet extremely gentile husband and father. Stephen has both of those qualities too. And he is always getting dirty and working with his hands as Pa does. Who wouldn't want to be married to someone like Pa?...or Stephen Grande?...I'm getting carried away...you get the picture. I'm excited about the books.

Next...I rummaged up this old hand made table cloth and napkins that one of my grandfather's patients made for him. It is beautiful, sentimental, and I will treasure it for years to come.

This vintage Hershey Kiss can was hiding out in the junk room too. We grew up on Hershey kisses. The can is part of my childhood.

I also found my mom's old tote bag. Bags like these just say "mom" to me because moms have so much stuff to "tote" around. No wonder my mom took this bag with her everywhere when we were growing up. It is a little dirty, but nothing that a good worshin' can't take care of. (The worshin' joke never gets old to me).

This cute child's table was not in the junk room. My cousin's neighbor was giving it away and she knew I would love it. Thank you Ellen! I think it needs a little fresh paint, and worshin' of course.
That's it for all my hand me downs.

I'll wrap this post up with some incredible pictures.

Look at this GORGEOUS zinnia field.
A couple in Greenville plants these zinnias from seeds every year. My family told my I had to get out there and take pictures.

So my dad and I took a little trip to get some good photos. The one below is my favorite. You can vaguely see the wife's hand as she is cutting flowers in the background.

What a great experience...
It was so pretty it felt like we were in a musical...I could just hear us all busting out in song..."The hills are alive..."

All in all it was a great trip and I look forward to many more. Hope you all have a wonderful (and short) week!


Lynn Beck said...

This is a great blog. So glad that you're capturing all of the good "junk," and so glad that the junk room is cleaner now.

leslie. said...

Those are some fun treasures! And that field of flowers is gorgeous, great pics!

Anonymous said...

if it wasn't for that Mary... beautiful flowers!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the pictures, the "treasure/trash," and your words. This is a fabulous blog! Good variety and even better photos!

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