While I Was Away

While I was away last weekend, Stephen was not in want for entertainment. He participated in an activity with scenes that looked like

and this...
and this...And yes, he (along with several of my family members) swam in that cesspool seen in the top picture. Also, he confirmed my suspicions that not one person got out of the water to go to the bathroom...not even one!!!

I'm sure I would have been there with bells on had I not had other plans...or a 3 month old...or a sense of cleanliness....or a sense of safety.

Who am I kidding? I'm not "above" this. It looks really fun. And very redneck.

You can read more about this if you haven't already on Aunt Lu's blog.

1 comment:

Lynn Beck said...

I saw him in the float with a beer when I read Lucy's blog and figured he might be "making do" while y'all were away!! It does look like a great Alabama summer event!

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