A Rendezvous

Here I am with my three best college friends.
Lindsay, Leslie, Me, Nell

This picture was taken in the kitchen of our college house, affectionately nicknamed the Barn house for its barn-like appearance. We spent a lot of time in this kitchen and that's why I love this picture. It is an image of us doing our everyday thing in a place where so many memories were made! If those walls could talk. Cheesy, I know.

Anyways, last weekend we 4 girls (and 3 little boys) had a rendezvous in Huntsville. We did what we do best...cook, eat, walk, and talk. You can add baby care to that list too.

When we first arrived, Stephen and Lindsay's little boy, J as he's known on her blog, played together and later shared a room. Seeing Stephen and J side by side was truly surreal. Lindsay and I not only went to Auburn together, we've been best friends since 7th grade. It was unbelievable to see our children together. We both feel very blessed and my have things come full circle!
Could these fast friends be any cuter?

As far as eating went, we all chipped in on the food. My assignment was an appetizer for Friday night. I made "the mounds" or "E'lou's mounds" as I like to call it. E'lou is a family friend who introduced us to the recipe, so naturally she should get the credit. "The mounds" is a delicious and kind of fancy ante pasta. Recipe is as follows....
On a big platter place little mounds of diced black olives, diced green olives, diced red onion. diced tomato, marinated artichokes drained, green chilies drained, diced pepperoni, capers drained, and grated Parmesan cheese.

Then squeeze fresh lime juice over mounds. Next, drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. Final step...sprinkle on little Tony Chachere's creole seasoning. Serve with crackers. I like whole wheat Ritz. Use a little fork or spoon to pile up a little "mound" on your cracker.

You can add or omit anything you like. The recipe has a lot of flexibility.

For more on the food from the weekend click here.

Moving on....

Here is Leslie's sweet Graham (9 months). He's crawling and smiling 24/7.

And more of precious J, 5 months.
Being with these 2 slightly older babies makes me look forward to the many stages ahead.

When we weren't playing or eating, you could find us on the porch. Weather and company were wonderful!
Nell holding J, Leslie

Me and Lindsay

The weekend quickly came to an end and we all went home very refreshed...and very full.

And when we got home...guess who stopped by for a visit?!

A.Lee...that's right.
and his new wife, Whitney
If the Barn house had been co-ed, A. Lee would have lived there. He was a good friend to all of us and I think we each took a turn taking him to a formal. It seemed so appropriate that I got to visit with him on the same weekend as the Barn house reunion.
By Sunday night you could just tell what baby Stephen was thinking...."Wow mom, you've got a lot of friends." Fortunately I do.


Lynn Beck said...

Hooray!! I'm always happy when there's a new blog.

traveledroad said...

sweet! I had the best time. You got some great pictures. I may have to switch to "blogger" as I am envious of your large photos! LOVE that A-Lee finished out the weekend.

leslie. said...

Oh so sweet SB! Thank you for a wonderful weekend and for "the mounds" of course :) Also, baby Stephen is so adorable! So good and refreshing to have a weekend with dear friends. And you're right, so appropriate to finish the weekend with A.Lee. Love you friend!

The Brannens said...

Looks like yall had a great time together!

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