On today... Today has been...weird. I worked last night, all night, so naturally I've been napping my day away. My meal schedule is out of whack. When your "night" becomes your "day" when do you eat breakfast, lunch,& dinner? Or should you just eat snacks? I ate 3 square meals yesterday, so I didn't want to eat a huge meal last night. But I sure was hungry when I got home this morning. I had spaghetti for breakfast...or was it dinner?

Another part of today's weirdness is in my sleepy haze I don't know how much or when I fed my child. I know without a doubt that I fed him at 10. I might have fed him at 2, but I don't know for sure. I honestly don't remember. At 3, when I woke up I fed him just to be one the safe side. He acted hungry, so the 2 o'clock feeding was probably just a dream. I'm so confused...I think I'll make some coffee (that's always a good idea right?).

On baby clothes...
Remember a few weeks ago, I said I was going to get some more onesies monogrammed for Stephen. Well...it's done and they are oh so cute.

On the Pioneer Woman...
Who is she? A lady named Ree Drummond who has a really cool famous blog. She's a professional . I've hesitated to get into it because her website is so addicting. Its like crack cocaine. Also, I'm a year behind trends. Anyways, she's pretty much the reason why I have changed my mind about moving to the country and homeschooling. Just kidding, kind of. Also, her recipes look amazing. I want to try this and this and this. I'm going to link her website under My Friends' blogs.

On the upcoming weekend...
I have great plans. My 3 college friends and I are getting together in Huntsville. I'm so looking forward to spending time with them. We got together about this time last year. Three of us have had babies since then- all boys. I'm not sure if it will be more like a college friend reunion or a Le Leche League convention. Regardless, we will have a good time.

in Nashville last year

On this guy...I love him

On this guy...I love him too

On my house...
It's disgusting...time to clean...and pack. Have a great weekend!


Lynn Beck said...

SB -- I just love your blogs. I'm always happy when I click on and there's a new post!

Have a great time this weekend and take lots of pictures!!

And get some good sleep.

Love you --

Elisabeth said...

sb your blog i enjoy so very much. i would like to sell your happy birthday banner in my store. e byram

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