Walkin, Walmart, and Wiggles

Baby and I began the day with a walk. I started back a few weeks ago and I'm loving it! Even in this ridiculous heat it feels so good to be outside and moving . Thankfully the babe likes it too...he's my built in walking buddy. Slowly I've been increasing my time...20 minutes, 30 minutes, and today 55! Since I was feeling so energized I tried to jog a few steps, but ankles almost buckled underneath me. Pregnancy really took a toll on my joints. Maybe I'll just stick to walking for now.
After the walk...and a hundred other things, I decided to go shopping. All I wanted was to buy Stephen some clothes. He's worn the same 6 onesies and 1 romper since birth and I just wanted him to have something new. I started at Storkland, a fancy baby store here in Montgomery. They had the cutest stuff, but not what I had in mind. So we unfortunately made our way to Wal-Mart and then Target. I found nothing...which brings me to my soapbox. Why is it so hard to find classy cheap clothes for a 2 1/2 month old boy?! Every outfit says something on it like "I'm the boss," "It's all about me," or "Mommy's Hero." Baby Stephen is "not the boss," it is not "all about him," and although I love him more than life, he is not "my hero." I don't want him to wear a statement that is not true...even at his young age. How about some plain stripes, cool solids, cute animals, tools, boats? There were so many cute and classic little girl outfits even at Walmart and Target. Why none for little boys? All I bought was some white onesies, and I accidentally bought the wrong size...bummer.
When I get my act together and buy the right size I plan to have them monogrammed like these below.

These are the ones he's outgrown.

I also bought some long sleeved onesies. I LOVE them. Stephen is so cute and clean looking in his long sleeves and white. After my shopping disaster I cheered myself up by taking lots of pictures of his wiggly self.


Lynn Beck said...

You sound like Mike O'Connell. He was such a stickler for clothes that weren't covered with logos and overly cute.

Once again, I love all the photos... and keep up the walking. Your joints will get less "loose" soon... Get some new shoes too!!

leslie. said...

Three cheers for PLAIN clothes! I'm totally with you...why must everything say something cheesy?! White onesies rock! Stephen's wiggly self is adorable! And what a fun little walking buddy!

traveledroad said...

Stephen is so adorable, I just want to SQUEEZE him! I already love him. The monogrammed onesies are adorable. I've had the best luck finding clothes at consignment places. SO many people bring in NICE stuff, and you can get it for a few dollars. Also, Old Navy. My soap box is that all you can get for boys are t-shirts with motocycles and "dad's biker" written across it, while little girls have TONS of sundresses to choose from. This is in reponse to my search for "dressy" but not smocked clothes for J.

bethanholland said...

sb-- i totally agree with you about the horrific clothing options for baby boys! all the little boy clothes make them look like they are ready to go to high school when they are a mere three months old! and the logos, the cheesy sayings. this is all a very popular rant with me too. i'm pretty lucky to have a mom who sews lovely babyish clothes for my boy, but i have found a store that i really like that has non cheesy, BABYISH clothes for little boys. it's called janie and jack and they have really great sales. i'm sure they have one where you live. you should check it out.

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