These are a Few of My Favorite Things

For the sake of practicing my new skill (posting big pictures) and using my new camera, I have posted some of my favorite household items, foods, and beauty products. The pictures are a bit grainy when enlarged but I'm working on that issue.

I also learned how to include a website in a post. For example...if you are interested in learning how to enlarge your blog pictures click here!

Eight Ounce Cokes
Dove SPF 15 facial lotion
Revlon Color Stay Sheer lipstick
Neutrogina Eye Make-up Remover
Farmer's market tomatoes
Surgical Towels (never used before-I use them as dish rags)
Huggable Hangers
All-Clad Cookware
Dry Swiffers
Organic Milk


Lynn Beck said...

You got how to post a site!! I'm a disaster with things like that. Great photos.

The Hardens said...

Saw ole Doc today for Jackson's 6 month appt. We talked about the blog. Now I totally clicked "here" and learned how to make big photos. You should be so proud when you see my next postings! I have had a link saved for a reminder how to do the "click" here thing. I did not pay much attention in college Computer Science class! haha Lil Stephen is adorable.

leslie. said...

great pictures SB! Especially love the 8 oz coke....you're so funny :)

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