Sunday Snow and Movie Marathon

We awoke this morning to a snowy scene outside our bedroom window. This weather was such a treat and wonderfully conducive to my lazy mood. Before church I whipped up some chili and mentally prepared for some serious TV watching and a nap. The day has fully lived up to my expectations. Below are the movies we have watched at least part or all of today.

morning view from window

Rear Window...one of my all time favorites

Legally Blonde...cute, fun, seen it too many times

Smokey and the Bandit...one of Stephen's all time favorites

Tommy Boy....I slept through all of this one

Old School...so funny, nice to watch the edited TV version

Talledega Nights.... currently watching

I think I'll make one more batch of slice and bake cookies before calling it a night. Don't want to think about the fact that I'll be at work in less than 12 hours. Weekends are too short.


leslie. said...

you're my role model. i strive to watch that many moves in a day. *high five

leslie. said...

also, "old school" is awesome...especially the tv edited version :)

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