"Girl, yo nose is spreadin"

I go to work this morning and the very first thing a coworker says to me is...."girl, yo nose is spreadin." It was just the thing an 8 months pregnant person wants to hear on a Monday morning at the start of a 12 hours shift. The sad thing is she's right...my nose is bigger (or spreadin as she put it). I dont know what makes noses grow with pregnancy....hormones I'm sure. This is me, 32 weeks pregnant, 8 weeks to go. You might have to zoom in to see my nose growth. The best part of this picture is Lucy (my sister) in the background. She looks so excited.

Keep in mind...the camera adds 10 pounds.


leslie. said...

aw, SB, you're so so cute!!! I can't wait to meet gary barry......or at least see him :) i think you look great! miss you friend!

Lynn Beck said...

I think your nose is perfect!! And you look great (so does Lucy).

I hope you're feeling good too.

Love you!


Lindsay said...

HAHAHAHAHA, omgosh, that is hilarious. Your nose looks in perfect proportion to me. And you look SO CUTE! I knew you'd have the best bump, miss you!

JGA said...


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