Three's Company Too

Welcome to Gary Barry's awesome room!
Reading and Rocking area
Twin beds
Baby gear
Babar's Family
Walter Anderson Animals


leslie. said...

YAY!!! Love it SB, soo cute! ok, now tell Garry Barry to hurry it up. haha

Lindsay said...

Love, love, LOVE the room! Fantastic job on the gender neutral task, and Garry Barry can be in that room till college. Btw, I think I've slept in one of those twin beds at least 300 times...

A Lee Inc said...

SB! That's a pimpin' room. I wondered where I might get some of the artist's prints/paintings you have up there. Every Mississippian I know happens to have something of his, and I wondered where I could find his stuff.... Can you tell me ?

Lynn Beck said...

I love the room too!! And I'm predicting a boy and keeping my fingers crossed that you and Stephen eventually come up with a "non rhyming" name. Although... Garry Barry does have a nice country music feel to it.

Take care -- I love you.


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