Happy Hunter

My whole life I've been surrounded by hunters, my grandfather, father, brother, and most recently... husband. Through my observation I have concluded that 90% of hunting is about the "stuff" and 10% about the actual hunt. You can imagine Stephen's devastation when most all of his hunting gear was stolen out of his truck this past January. It was depressing. Years worth of collecting and hundreds of dollars...gone. The most substantial loss was his new deer rifle that was carefully and thoughtfully purchased only a couple months before. We told ourselves that these were just things, but we could not help but feel kicked while we were already down. Stephen was still recovering from his back injury, we were about to move, and of course the baby just a few months away. The morning of the incident I cried and Stephen walked around in the yard, as mad as I've ever seen him. I felt so helpless because there was nothing I could do...I couldn't replace the stuff and couldn't offer him any comfort. Thankfully State Farm Insurance could! We should make a commercial. Everything was covered under our renters insurance (much to our surprise). Here is the happy hunter shortly after receiving his order from Mack's Prarie Wings.

This picture does not include the new gun or the waders which are yet to be purchased. You may not be able to see Stephen in this picture for all the camouflage. He's sitting in the middle of the couch.


A Lee Inc said...

This cracks me up like little else does... I died out laughing at this post. I read it to Whit over the phone, she was so happy for yall :) haha

leslie. said...

i couldn't find stephen.

so glad y'all got your "stuff" back!

Lynn Beck said...

What's on Stephen's head? It sort of looks like a dead animal (possum maybe). I'm hoping and believing it's yet another kind of hunting gear!!

love ya'll --

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