Dum Dums

This brings me great joy.... a bag of 300 dum dums, 1/4th of which I colorfully displayed in a cookie jar. LOVE it. Doesn't take much to give me a thrill.

The story here is I recently had to take Stephen Small with me to the OB's office for one of my prenatal visits. Now I know some of you seasoned mothers have no fear loading up all your 5 children and running errands or making appointments but I kind of freak out a little when I have to take Stephen Small certain places. Its not the fear of embarrassment or misbehavior; it just wears me out to chase him, control him, and keep him from destroying something {he's 19 months old and he can tear up a place faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket}. All this being said, as I stepped out the door to make this appointment armed with juice, snack, books, and toys I silently prayed...

"Lord, please help me find the perfect entertainment for him while I have to sit on the exam table {have the baby's heart beat listened to and such}."

Sure enough before I'd even finished thinking this prayer, I glance in my purse and see a sucker given to us by the bank teller the day before. That was my answer. Thank you, Lord. Through this whole silly ordeal, I was reminded of a verse a friend recently shared with me....

  The Lord directs the steps of the godly.
      He delights in every detail of their lives. 
Psalm 37:23 (New Living Translation)

Every detail...amazing - even helping a nervous mama get through a routine dr's visit with a toddler.

The appointment went so smoothly. Smalls did a little furniture rearranging in the waiting room but when it came time for me to be seen by the doctor, I sat him in his Winnie the Pooh stroller and handed him a 2 cent grape sucker. He was perfect.

You better believe I'm always going to have a dum dum on hand from here on out.


Please still feel free to send me your blog questions about headers, photos, templates, etc. I'm putting a post together early next week with some great links and tutorials!

Yeah for the weekend!


Lynn Beck said...

Who would have thought Dum Dums could be an answer to prayer! I like it.

Lauren H said...

Not sure if dum-dums go bad but i have a whole bunch of left over from halloween and guess what lucky little toddler is going to get them tomorrow.... SMALLS!!! :)

Nell said...

God provides in unexpected ways! Love the way those suckers look in that jar. Great verse, friend. :)

Erin Caden Rogers said...

Honey, I bought a huge bag @ the Dollar General right after Halloween...they have saved us too!!! I tucked them (unwrapped) into my bouquet @ Sisters' wedding to keep Rutledge entertained during the service;). And, now they are coming in very handy during our adventures in potty training!!! I will have to take him to the OB with me next week, and I'll be sure to have dum dums on hand bc he loves to take the stirrups in and out of the examination table...

Mishka said...

Wish I had discovered dum dums earlier, but I was on this weird no candy thing, what was I thinking?! My girl was 3 before she had a sucker, my 3rd kiddo had one as soon as he could hold it. You are a wise momma, whom I hope has good dental insurance. A few cavities are so worth the sanity, just make sure to give him a dum dum after the dentist so he will want to keep going back, and it is funny to watch them drool if they have been numbed up. ;o)

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