Confessions and Football

Confession: I'm not a huge football person. I'm a freak of nature, I know.

Another confession: I don't just love dogs. Double freak. Cold hearted freak.

I feel a weight lifted as I confess these confessions.

I will say that despite being abnormally disinterested in football, I have thoroughly enjoyed Auburn's winning season {13 -0}. The Tigers are on their way to the national championship! I'm pumped - seriously. I spent many many years as an Auburn student. Too many.

{Stephen Grande and me at an Auburn game in 2004}

Unlike many of my friends and family members, I will not be making plans to attend the championship game in Arizona and neither will the Grande.

We have slightly better things to do that day such as....have a BABY! 

We'll be cheering on our team from the hospital room. I'm sure I'll be sipping on cranberry juice and maybe SG can sneak a beer have a coke.

War Eagle!!!


Lynn Beck said...

Sounds like the delivery date is set??? A baby is much better than a game, and you have my permission to NOT name him/her Cam - no matter how well he plays that day.

Emily said...

SB, I'm not a big dog person, either. I've always felt so...mean for not wanting one.

On a different note, YAY for having a baby soon! January seems like it would be a good birthday month.

Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...

So glad to hear someone else confess the two things that I struggle with appreciating too... along with cats!

Hope you are feeling well and getting ready for sweet baby number 2!

I'm feeling very "nest-y" over in our neck of the woods!

Mishka said...

Right there with ya. Never been a football person and thankfully neither is Mark but as far as dogs are concerned (and all animals for that matter) that is just one more thing I have to clean up after, and my quota is full as far as cleaning up after things. I did cave after 10 years of marriage and let my hubby get a dog (he has always wanted one), imagine having morning sickness and smelling doggie breath, blech! Jan. is a good b'day month because everyone will be back in town for birthdays, come to think of it what month wouldn't a 30-something week pregnant woman not want to have a baby!

Susan said...

Yay for all of the anti-dog people! We should form a support group. :)

Lindsay said...

What a fine day to have a baby!!! I know tuning into the game will be your highest priority that night.

Remember, Katie and Patsy can read this now that they are in dog heaven.

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