Lu is 25

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUNT LU! My sister, Aunt Lu, is 25. She's a young thing. A wipper snapper. A retired teacher, now tutor. She likes math, and TV. She enjoys country music as well as Harry Potter.

{me and Lu}

Growing up we played 'the Thing' {which was our fancy term for playing house}. We lived to play the Thing.

Our mama would say, "Girls lets go to the pool."
And we would respond "No, mama we're playing the Thing."

The Thing was serious. We drove imaginary mini vans and had unnatural numbers of children. 

Come to think of it we are still playing the Thing, but its the real live Thing {minus a few children}. And neither one of us has a mini-van yet.

Anyhow, we love you Aunt Lu. Hope you have a great day.


Lindsay said...

Everything about this post made me laugh!!! Happy birthday, Lucy!

Doc said...

Happy Birthday to Aunt Lu. Maybe Nick will get her a mini van for her birthday.

Lynn Beck said...

My happy b'day to Aunt Lu too!! Your picture is now my new desktop. I remember those good ole days!

Wanting What I Have said...

That is stinkin' hilarious! Aunt Lu and playing "The Thing" - and now living "The Thing!" How fun! And happy birthday to Aunt Lu!

Linsa Archer, LMFT said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! How did I miss "The Thing"?

Emily said...

Happy Birthday, Aunt Lu! Love that picture of you two. Oh how I remember the days of sponge curlers.

The Freeman Club said...

Thanks sister!

Whitney Lee said...

This is so very cute!

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