A Good and Ordinary Day

Hello all! Thank you for your sympathy and advice on dealing with toddler tantrums. Whew! No one could have prepared me for this stage. Today, Friday, was a much better than yesterday, even with a trip to Wal-mart this morning.

Before Smalls and I left the house I snapped a photo of Stephen Grande's lunch in the morning light. I pack him basically the same thing every morning : 2 sandwiches, a bag of chips, a piece of fruit, and dessert if I have it. This is my love language - packing lunches. It goes back to my childhood. My mama could pack a lunch if anybody ever could. Occasionally, I bought my lunch at school but only by choice, not because my mama didn't pack it. In second grade I took a hotdog every-single-day. I still love a good hotdog.

During naptime I finished sewing a pair of longalls for S.S. to wear to church this fall. Don't ya love this brown gingham? Its so handsome. This was my entire motivation to learn to sew - to make children's clothes!

Late afternoon we spent outdoors, much to Peanut Butter Man's delight.

 Is that the cutest hiney you've seen ever or what?!

Early in the day I had mentally committed to spending as much time outside after naptime as I could possibly stand. He needed it. And its Friday.

The old dog pen was quite the fascination. It was Kathy's. Poor Kathy.

We took it slow today. And it was nice.


Lynn Beck said...

So glad he (and you) got the time outdoors. I love the brown gingham "longalls." You amaze me with your sewing!

Emily said...

That IS a cute little blue-jeaned hiney. I'll bet you give it a good squeeze sometimes! Those longalls are precious, too. The fabric is very fall-ish. Love it.

Laura Merrill said...

I also love that brown fabric!! I'm going to Memphis today....maybe I can spot it at Joanns???

Dorothy said...

Hey Sarah! I found your blog thru Whitney--I LOVE IT! So fun! P.S. I lived vicariously thru y'all on the mountain trip, looks like y'all had a blast! Keep up the great bloggin :)

Anonymous said...

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