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Hello friends!

Black is back - as in coffee. After weeks of drinking no coffee and more weeks of drinking heavily diluted with milk coffee, I'm now able to enjoy it my favorite way - plain, black, & strong. One cup a day. A switch has flipped here in the 22nd week of pregnancy and I've said bye bye to most of my food aversions and hello to afternoon naps. I can't keep my eyes open in the afternoons. Maybe I should save my coffee drinking until then.

Speaking of our afternoons, Help?!?! Mothers of young children and mothers who have had young children at one time...WHAT DO YOU DO IN THE LATE AFTERNOONS WHEN YOU ARE AT YOUR WITS END?

Come 3pm Stephen Small and I are so over each other. Its like emotionally and physically I'm ready to check out when I really need to be stepping up and checking in. It comes down to the fact that I'm weary and ready to do adult things like drink diet coke and watch the Barefoot Contessa and he wants to play with permanent markers and sneak plastic forks in our oven (which later melt and smell horrific). Do you provide a lot of structure, watch videos, go outside? Just curious as to how you make it during the home stretch before dinner, baths, and daddy coming home.

Stephen Grande's suggestion was to have porch time - this is my second day doing it - structured, designated porch time. Its really gone well except for a little great escape out the back door (I've since barricaded it).

I don't even want to explain this scene. Yes, this is our back yard and that is our pile of rubbish. I'm not even going to show you what's around the corner - that deserves its own post.

But since I have you here in the back yard I will share my little corner of it. A friend of mine gave us some pumpkin seeds mid August. We got them in the dirt a little too late to have by Halloween, but assuming all goes well, we can enjoy them throughout November. It has been a joy to look out my kitchen window and watch their progress.

What else around here?

We are having turkey burgers for dinner.
I bought a new robe recently and I love it.
My church is doing a ladies Bible study on Esther that I'm excited about.
Baby is flippin and kickin.
SG and I have a date tonight to clean out our guest room closet.
Stephen Small is getting a haircut by me this weekend.
I felt cheap at the grocery store this week and bought non-organic milk for the first time in months.

And last but not least - I put 3 new recipes on literally, a spoonful.

Hope you all have had a great week! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!


Suzie said...

Hi, Sarah! This is Suzie Harrison-I'm a friend of Lindsay Newlin's in Huntsville, and I finally decided to come out of the closet to say, "Amen" to this post. We have a 15-month-old (with another on the way in March), and I am SO over playing with him by 4 p.m. Lately, I've been turning on a movie (gasp), and it sort of captures his attention. You're definitely not alone in this feeling, though!! Let me know if you figure out anything good to do! Love your blog, and thanks for letting me stalk it! ha!

The Stewarts said...

Hi Sarah! I agree with the "Amen!" :-) we try to go outside a lot, but ... chasing around little ones all afternoon while pregnant can be cumbersome. we've been enjoying "reading time" lately around 5 - everyone must go to their rooms with a book for 20 minutes (including me). they can keep their doors open but no talking is allowed... and usually after 20 minutes of quiet to myself I can give it a go again. if not - hello curious george. :-)

Lynn Beck said...

I'd suggest an occasional dose of Dimetapp (for him not you) but your blog followers might think I'm awful.

Seriously, he is growing up so much! He looks like a little boy now! I wish I could see him.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I'm a big, BIG fan of porch time, especially now that the weather is cooling off. When my oldest was my only and was Small's age we lived in a house with a big, screened porch, after his nap I would play with him for a while and then turn him lose on the porch (with the kitchen door open) while I worked on dinner.

These days I tell the boys to go outside and play then I fall asleep on the couch while I'm nursing the baby.

Cheryl @ a pretty cool life. said...

We usually walk to the playground...and I always take the long way. They're happy and eager to get there. They're strapped in. It's a beautiful thing.

Emily Dudley said...

I'm so glad to know I'm not the only momma who finds the late afternoons painful. We usually do errands around 3:00ish...Publix, Target, post office, the gas station! Whatever gets us out of the house.

Wanting What I Have said...

Porch time sounds wonderful! I've never had a porch that would contain mine...but we did a lot of baths during that time in the afternoon. We have some soap crayons that the kids have loved! I would tote in a pile of books and read aloud (I even carted a chair in there). And I'd dump a ton of toys in the tub. They have spent many hours there. But ya know, the mess they make is contained. And THAT is priceless!

Confessions said...

that is the hardest part of the day! we have a little snack and play play play outside. if it's raining, we do a little coloring or finger painting (which is still pretty tricky). i'm all ears for new ideas, too!

Anonymous said...

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Erin Caden Rogers said...

Hey! Question, is SS still taking 2 naps a day? Or is he just taking a morning nap? Because, if he is still taking 2 short naps a day, its time to move the big boy to 1 longer nap in the afternoon. Same thing if he is just taking a morning nap. Its time to start stretching him to a nap after lunchtime. This age is sooo difficult because their energy levels are increasing! We start our mornings at home with milk and family time @ 6am. Daddy leaves for work around 7:30 and then we eat breakfast. I then try to play outside with him for about an hour because its not absolutely scorching hot that early. After outside play, I give Rutledge a lukewarm bath to cool him down and let him play in the tub for a bit. Then, its book time and we read several books. After book time its time for a little snack and after that I am in need of a little downtime;), so, I usually turn on PBS.....if you haven't tried it, there are some fantastic educational programs all morning long. Of course, at this age, he likely won't sit down and watch it but, it will provide a little diversion while he is playing with his toys. I use this time to accomplish a little laundry, start supper, shower, read, etc. After our loungetime, its about time for lunch prep and eating:) After lunch comes a little more milk and laptime with mama;) and we usually watch a movie or some kids show. Then, its naptime. Between 15-18 months, I would slowly start moving back his morning cat nap and making his lunch a little earlier until we achieved a good balance. Now, he still takes a 3-4hour afternoon nap, that, if timed correctly, ends about 45 minutes before Daddy comes home. Perfect timing for an afternoon snack and snuggle time with mama;) I know this is incredibly detailed but, I'm detail oriented....

Mishka said...

I called this survival time, do whatever you can to get through it! We went for a walk to the playground almost every afternoon, I had friends that would get in the car and go for a ride just to kill time. And just as soon as you find something that works and get into a groove it will change. So glad you can drink a cup o' joe again, the same thing happened to me. I couldn't smell coffee w/out getting sick and I love my coffee.

lexie johnston said...

I don't even have kids and I still think this is the armpit of the day! There is just something about the 330ish hour- you have already had lunch and gotten a lot done but still have a lot of time left- especially in my case when I usually can't even meet clients to show property until THEY get off work at 5ish. It's definitely a very gross hour. I have always how people with children are hanging on at that time of the day! Don't be discouraged! You would be so surprised at how many people in ALL stages of life feel like this too!

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