Beginner Sewing & The Makings of a Bedskirt

Several folks have asked me recently, "How long have you been sewing?"

My answer : only one short year.

I'm still SO inexperienced. In fact, I don't even have the vocabulary to explain most of the projects I take on or ask an educated question in the sewing store.

However, I have enjoyed learning this skill tremendously and I've seen it benefit our budget in more ways than one, just hemming and mending alone have more than paid for my sewing machine. Baby gifts, children's clothes, & home decor (pillow cases, bed skirts) are some of the funner(word?) projects I have accomplished.

I tell you all this to say : be encouraged. If you want to learn to sew and didn't grow up standing over your grandmother's shoulder at her sewing machine, its quite possible! I am the prime example. I'm not super skilled and my projects still have a lot of imperfections, but 9 times out of 10 I'm please with my creations!

a few tips...
  • Make sure you start at a time in your life when you have some extra time on your hands. I started when Stephen Small was taking two good naps a day and sleeping through the night.
  • Be willing to mess up. The first 3 or 4 things I made were laughable, one being a Christmas stocking for Kathy, our former dog.
  • Don't let the machine intimidate you. There is a learning curve, but once you get over it trouble shooting your machine becomes second nature. You can always take it to a local sewing store and have them take a look if its out of sorts.
  • Have a buddy, someone to learn with or someone that has more experience. This makes it fun and you can share sewing patterns and techniques.
Okay, since when did I declare myself the expert on giving beginner sewing advice?

Apparently just now!

Showing you my new bed skirt was the real reason I sat down at this ole blog.

I think it may be my all time favorite. I made it for our master bedroom. My goal was for it to be neutral, elegant, and sort of rustic all at the same time. To my delight, I think the finished project has these characteristics.

I basically started with a bed sheet, cut to the size of our box springs.

I then cut and measured the actual skirt fabric to size on three sides, pinned little 4 inch pleats, and stitched it all up!

*If you have one sided fabric, you will want to place, pin, and sew fabric RIGHT SIDE DOWN.
My fabric was the same on both sides.
Also, if you want to hem it, then I think its best to do it BEFORE you sew it to the sheet.

This is what it looks like when you flip it to the pretty side.

The finished product in its proper place.

I love it.

I sleep better at night knowing its there.


Emily Dudley said...

Sarah! I got home from JoAnn's about an hour ago hunting fabric for a new bedskirt! I got scared, and next thing I knew, I was walking out of Dillard's with a pre-made one instead. I hate I didn't see this tutorial sooner. You are encouraging to us newbies!

Nell said...

Your room looks great! I'm still an aspiring seamstress who has never turned on the machine I got in February! I'll be calling you one of these days when I have some extra time on my hands to try something out! Thanks for the encouragement to jump in!

Laura said...

SB! I'm SO impressed but so not surprised! It is beautiful and perfect in every way! I know you are thrilled!

bethan said...

great idea-- i've been looking for a bed skirt to add a little color to our all white bed linens and i just can't find the right thing for the right price. but i can ALWAYS find fabric i like. i never even thought to make one . thanks for the idea.

The Stewarts said...

Hi Sarah! I think that I found your blog via facebook and was SO encouraged by your sewing this spring that I decided to try it for myself. And things were definitely far from perfect at the beginning, but I loved looking at your projects and kept it up....and after a summer sewing I am pretty proficient now. Thank you for your posts!!! And blessings to you and your beautiful family & new little one on the way!

Lynn Beck said...

This is amazing!!! I am absolutely blown away by your skills as a domestic "goddess."

Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...

I love this idea! I'm working in the "beginner sewing world" and I love seeing all your cute ideas!! Maybe we can have a sewing day sometime and you can spread your advice!

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