Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner has always been a personal favorite of mine, the kind of meal that you sit at the dining room table for. Unfortunately for me, we typically have scrambled eggs or leftovers in a messy house that has been overtaken from the earlier weekend days. But this Sunday I managed to pull it together and invite a few friends over.

Before you get too impressed let me tell you, I did-not-cook-a-thing, unless you count making sweet tea as cooking. I asked all in attendance to bring 1 easy side dish and the menu came together as a fantastic potluck meal.

My contributions were :

a semi - clean house
Publix fried chicken
Mary B's tea biscuits
sweet tea

It was such a pleasure to visit with friends. We all have such busy lives, young children, mortgages - it nourished my soul to slow down for a meal together.

A few of the simpler delights that brought a smile to my face were children eating at the little red table I recently painted,

using real napkins, real china, and silver,

and the yummy dessert complements of Aunt Lu. I'm pretty sure my child will never eat a butter bean again now that he knows these goodies exist in the world.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday.

And that you consumed less calories than me. I know I can say I'm eating for 2, but I'm pretty sure I ate for 5 today.


Whitney Lee said...

Awh, what sweet times! I love that!

Lynn Beck said...

Looks wonderful all the way around. I remember those wonderful Sunday dinners at Chuck's - with family and both grandmothers. Ask your dad about how he used to tease Mama G sometime.

p.s. I want Lucy's recipe for those little tarts.

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