New Kicks

We've been in a mood, and its one of the negative variety.

But you know what turned this frown upside down?

A beautiful fall day - NO
Going to eat Mexican with 10 of your mom's lady friends - HECK NO
A leisurely 3 1/2 hour nap - NO

What? What is it? What turned the frown upside down?

A new...pair...of...SHOES!

We love em!

We're proud of em.


Plans to show these shoes around the town.

Around the town, with an upside down frown. 


*Daddy (Doc) - I know how you are not so much a fan of onesies on older babies. I promise he only wore this b/c it was nap time and he had salsa all over his shorts.


Wanting What I Have said...

LOVE the new kicks! And your photography - whew mama! Gorgeous!

Erin Caden Rogers said...

He looks SO proud of his kicks! Too sweet:). I have a new kick post planned as well bc Rutledge grew 3 sizes over the summer & we had to get new boots & shoes. His favorite are his "at home" light up buzz lightyear tennis shoes we bought @ walmart. I swore I would never buy anything with a character...hope you are feeling well!!!

Lindsay said...

Jump back! The Montgomery Mom bought her child shoes?!
Doc, I hate onesies on older babies, too. SB, salsa on one's pants is a pretty good excuse.

Lynn Beck said...

I think his onesie shows off his new shoes to great advantage!!

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