Meet the Masons

"Would you fix me a glass of milk? And bring it to me in a Mason jar."

- My Dad

I believe in drinking out of real glass; I come by it honestly. Life is short - why not?

I know real glasses sweat and leave rings on the table, but that's what coasters are for.

Recently, our (real) drinking glass collection whittled down to nothing. They were broken, stolen, abandoned, and abused. So for weeks I was on the lookout for some new, inexpensive replacements but could not seem to find any to suit.

Meanwhile, on the home front my favorite glass became a lonely mason jar that once contained some homemade jam or jelly. That lonely mason jar also became my favorite vase and pen holder and container of everything it could contain. It was one busy mason jar.

It the midst of all this - can't find new glasses that I like - and I'm in love with this one mason jar drama, the Pioneer Woman posted this awesome post, The Beauty of a Mason Jar.

And so it was. So it was that I became the proud owner of 36 gorgeous mason jars of all shapes and sizes. I love them, each and every one.

And since I've been back to Wal-mart, the prices are marked down even more than when I bought mine. So run. Run. Go get your Mason jars before their season has passed.

Look at their uniformity - so beautiful.

They are rustic. And elegant. And I take so much pride in them.

Here's one with my peach tea this afternoon.

Here's a larger one serving as a votive.

And the small ones - I've used for greenery arrangements.

It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Are there any other old souls out there that love Mason jars in the way that they should be loved? I know PW does.


Ketcham Family said...

I love them too!!!! we have open shelves full of them in all shapes and sizes. they are perfect for drinking tea, holding leftovers, catching bugs or frogs, etc etc... they are beautiful and capture everything that i love about homemade stuff!!! can you tell i am obsessed... i will never use a "real" glass again! ha!

Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...
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Will and Mary Frances Stanford said...

SB! What a great idea! I have always loved Mason jars but never thought to make them my "every day" glasses!! Have been looking forever for a new set as our current ones are so tired and sad. I'm excited.... leaving for Walmart right now! Well... maybe not, but I am inspired! So thanks! Hope ya'll are having a great week and that you're feeling good...

Anonymous said...

I am buying you some glasses! love your blog. e.

Emily Dudley said...

Love this idea. I actually had a pack of Mason Jars in my buggy at Publix the other day, but took them out as I approached the check-out line because they were more $$ than at Wal-Mart. Once Christmastime hits, they're so hard to find! Good idea to stock up now.

Nell said...

Mason jars are the perfect vessels for some major beverage therapy. So many options!

Lindsay said...

They all look so nice and Southern!

I am actually partial to drinking out of plastic...GASP!!! But, I DO think those little mason jars are quite cute and may have to pick some up to have for juice glasses...

Lynn Beck said...

Love the mason jars!! And I like your dad's quote. Sounds like something he'd say. Love you an dhope your weekend is wonderful.

leslie the young mother said...

You did it again...
I hurried myself over to the Walmart and bought like 50. No idea what I'm going to do with sooo many but I'm SURE they'll be handy to have around.

Matt was confused at first at why our glasses had been replaced with jars. He has since enjoyed them :)

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