Wall Galleries

If I were a decorative concept...

I'd be a wall gallery. "I was born for wall galleries," I told my family the other night while we were hanging this one above my living room sofa.

Mine and Stephen Grande's dear friend, James T. F. III, was over for dinner last week and while he was over I pleaded for his consultation concerning some of my art and furniture arrangements. He's a talented designer of both landscapes and interiors. After 45 minutes of his expertise, my house was transformed into something so much better than I ever could have thought up. Thank you James!

Most of these pieces of art were Christmas gifts, wedding gifts, hand-me-downs from family, note cards framed in frames from Kroger, and pieces of posters cut out. You see, I have so many smaller pieces and a wall gallery was the perfect solution. It serves as a larger piece of art.

Over our bed we made a gallery of folk art - interestingly enough all these pieces are done by Mississippi artists. This arrangement was just the pop of color I was looking to incorporate into our bedroom. I think it will play nicely off the neutral bed linens.

Just a couple of tips James shared for hanging wall galleries:

1) Lay (or is it lie?) all the pieces out on a large table or the floor before hanging. Check your spacing...because spacing is key to a successful wall gallery.

2) Use some sort of adhesive putty to secure all the frames after hanging. This will keep them from becoming crooked.

And now...because you asked...here is a peak into our new cozy TV room.

Here's one side. Note new rug that is bound Berber carpet. I've been very pleased with it so far.

And here's the other side with our fancy built ins...I still have a bit of work to do as far as arranging and filling them in.

I'm so thankful for such a talented husband. He essentially built this room with his bare hands. He truly has a God-given gift.


Anonymous said...

Loving the wall galleries! What a perfect solution! Your house is looking fabulous & I'm inspired:)

Erin Caden Rogers said...

That comment is from me, Erin, don't know why my Blackberry didn't use my name....I'm confused:( anywho, greetings from Speigner!

Lindsay said...

Looks great! Can't wait to come visit again and curl up in your tv room. Great job on everything, Grande!

Love the wall galleries- I think I've done some of those "wrong" in my house. Probably need James to stop by...

Nell said...

You are such a little wall gallery. I love these! I'm crazy about the bird pillow on your bed. I'm into birds big time these days.

The shelves and TV room look so great! Pretty soon you'll be cozying up to some 30 Rock episodes. And Fox News, I feel certain.

Lynn Beck said...

Your house looks great. Hooray for grande! And I'm so happy with regular blogs.

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