Savoring Summer

I'd be a liar if I told you I wasn't longing for fall. But yesterday we did what we could to savor some of this summer season and weather that will remain until mid September.

We began the day with a long, 100 degree temperature walk with friends.

Then Smalls and I took a quick trip to the Farmer's market for peaches and tomatoes. Cheese Its and Diet Coke sustained our blood sugar through this errand.

He did not make home without falling asleep in the warm car. Sometimes I can hardly withstand his preciousness.

Afternoon was spent at the pool with Aunt Lu and Nick.

As early evening came we snacked on sweet peaches. I love this series of pictures below that capture S's little hands and features so perfectly. It makes me so thankful for good cameras and technology because what mama wants to forget these little details.

After a long day we headed home to a quiet house and turkey wraps for dinner.

I'll post recipe later today on literally, a spoonful.


Whitney Lee said...

What a sweet day! You're such a good little mommy!

Lynn Beck said...

What a good day! And I'm the one whose thankful for your great camera since I can't see him in person. He is absolutely adorable... and he look so much like you!

Joy said...

The shot of SS from the nose up actually looks like SG! I can hardly believe my eyes! :)
And GA says she'd love to come visit...

Lindsay said...

Precious. Thought the same thing as Joy, that one does look like SG! SS really gets into that peach! J loves them too but ends up saying, "ball" and throwing it.

Jennifer Trott said...

so much to say ... GREAT post! the pictures are amazing!! you should do this on the side for a job!! i loved this day in your life! ;)

Nell said...

Love the glimpse into your day! Looks like a great one. Summer peaches can't be beat. SS is a little peach himself. So cute!

Susie said...

Love your photos of SS and the peach! He's a peach!

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