The Park

The past couple of days we've gone to a near by park to play.

We have had a ridiculous amount of fun!

I'm so grateful for every single day with Stephen Small. We pretty much hang out together 24/7. And that's just fine with me.

Here's a sampling of pictures I took yesterday...

Enjoy your Wednesday!

And P.S. I enjoyed all your hilarious comments about your spouses drinking out of your glass. SO relieved to know I'm not alone. All us thirsty ones should get together and go out for a water.


leslie the young mother said...

Simply adorable. Love the look of pure joy in that boys face :) and did you make that little outfit, cause it's precious!

Lindsay said...

We go to the park everyday that I'm home! Love it, wish we could go with ya'll. SS is adorable as always! Did you make that ball? It looks knitted.

Lynn Beck said...

He looks SO much like you!!

MSellars said...

sooo cute! love the outfit. We should meet yall and walk sometime!

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