A Busy Glass of Water

I struggle to drink a healthy amount of water. Yeah, I know I have to have it, but I don't necessarily gravitate toward it. I prefer coffee, tea, coke, wine, lemonade....drinks with flavor.

Pregnancy sort of changed my relationship water. I craved it a little more...big glasses with lots of ice. The same with nursing...I drank more water, wanted more water, but still mostly out of necessity to stay hydrated. Overall, getting enough H2O is a chore for me. Although I'm very grateful to have access to such a large, clean supply.

To deal with my tendency to not drink enough, I'll fix a glass, fill it to the brim, and sip on it slowly throughout the day and night. In other words: I just make myself drink it and try to hold myself accountable. Having my very own full glass helps me measure and keep record of how much I drink. A couple of full glasses a day = sufficient water intake! Yea.

However, executing my plan to drink enough water is a challenge. My obstacles are my very own family members. For one, when I'm around my mother, she comes behind me, picks up, and pours out my glass if left unattended for more than 90 seconds. Thank goodness we don't live in the same city because I would be so dehydrated!!! But really the main culprit in thwarting my water drinking plans is without a doubt MY HUSBAND. Y'all know I love him, but GAH-LEE the man won't let his wife enjoy a simple glass of water without coming up and guzzling half (or all) of the water before I can get to it. This is a nightly occurrence. And the other night I had had about all I could take. It went down like this:

8:00 pm - we are watching TV.

Stephen Grande: Can I have a sip of your water?

Me (kind of yelling) : UUUUUGGGGHHH! Why can't you get your own water? There is a reason I fix my own water and I (only I) want to be the one to drink out of my glass. It's my system of measurement. I really have trouble drinking water.

SG: Sorry, I had no idea this was such a big deal.

Me: Yeah it is a BIG deal...get your own.

Several minutes later I begin to feel I was a little too harsh. After all, he is the father of my child. (Somehow getting up to get his own glass never became a reality.)

Me: Okay, here...you can have some.

9:45 - We go to bed and read. We are still passing the same water back and forth....

Me: Would you hand me the water?

10:02 pm

SG: Would you pass the water?


Me: Can I have another sip of water?


SG: Give me that water one more time.

Lights out....it ends up on his side (of course).

2:00 am

I wake up parched and highly irritated that the water (my water!!!) is on his side. I don't even hesitate in waking him up.

Me waking him up: Would you please hand me the water?

SG: That's a busy glass of water.

My thoughts: Yes. it. is.

Can anyone relate to this? It's a real problem. I might shrivel up if it doesn't stop.


Whitney Lee said...

Yes, except I'M the one who always asks Andrew for a sip of his water or a bite of this or that. He always asks me if I want a glass, and I always so no, but then I want a sip of his later! I have to learn from you!!

The Macons said...

Ok this is hilarious! Every time we sit down to ANY meal my husband says, I will just share your water/crystal light. Being 37 weeks pregnant I NEED the water and up until we get in bed I am having to ask for the water to be passed back to me! GET YOUR OWN DANG IT!!!

Lynn Beck said...

Yikes!! Don't shrivel up.

Nell said...

Haha. Made me laugh. Yes, it happens in every household, I believe. Come on, men! Our hydration is at stake!

Lindsay said...

SB, he has GOT to make himself a water! Or, make him his own. This would seriously bug me. M does not like to share drinks, he is even more irritated by it than me. So, we have our names on our cups. Somewhere along the line I wrote "fart" on his in sharpie- never came off. I suppose drinks are always a little irritating. NOW, J likes to drink out of our cups. We let him. That is love.

Susie said...

I wondered why M's glass said "----" on it..cute blog SB.. Speaks to all of us!

Liz said...

I can TOTALLY relate!! I struggle to drink enough water as well, and so I always try to keep a glass and sip on it, but usually it is gulped down before I can even halfway finish it. I have recently started taking the empty glass to Hall and saying, "Will you please refill my glass." This happens frequently so I am hoping he is getting my point!!!

lexie johnston said...

this happens in my house every meal! torrent refuses to drink "a glass of water" so he always used to sip on mine. now i just get him a glass when i get one for me. at restaurants though, my pet peeve is when we both order cokes. torrent will drink his in like, 3 gulps, then drink all of mine. im like "WAIT FOR A REFILL!" drives.me.crazy! hahaha SO glad to know it isnt just us...

leslie the young mother said...

hahahahahahahaha, I love your story SB! I'm sorry but I'm the water-taker in our relationship... I don't know why, but I'm a freaking camel and consume ungodly amounts of water and other liquids during the day. Now, if only Matt would also get big gulps of DDP so that I could drink them when I finish mine in 30 seconds I'd be in heaven :) I'm sorry if I ever drank your water in the BH, haha!

Jessica Govan said...

The worst part is when you pick up YOUR glass and it is all gone! Hate it!

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