A Weekend of Rest and Relaxation with my Roommates

Dear on-line community,

It's good to be back!

Over the course of the past few days, this boy of mine officially became a 10 month old!

We celebrated the day with lots of outside play time! Which reminded me I need to buy this child some shoes.

We also spent much of the weekend recovering and resting from an ugly stomach bug that bit both me and Stephen Grande. Thankfully, Stephen Small has shown no signs of it.

(Sorry if this is TMI) I got sick last Sunday night, shortly after I posted my Valentine's love list. Stephen Grande came down with the bug 5 days later, on Friday. Determined to work on Friday, Stephen Grande asked if there is anything he could take. Pepto Bismol was the only over the counter drug that came to mind. Speaking from our experience we came up with a new slogan under SYMPTOM RELIEF.

Saturday was a new day for us (especially since our whole family went to bed between 7:00-8:00 pm on Friday night.)

You really see the world in a different way when you are not nauseated.

Stephen Small and I enjoyed playing in our front yard. I admired my lettuce that I planted in pots last week.

*NOW is the time to plant lettuce if you are interested. For more good info, read this post here.

I can't wait for it to come to fruition and make a big salad!

Stephen Grade was out and about some on Saturday, catching up from all he could not do Friday. (He ended up staying home on the couch the whole day. I hated that he was sick, but sort of enjoyed having him home. Not that I would want him to be home on the couch everyday.)

These two pictures below are a sweet little interaction.

"Bye Stephen"

"Bye Dad"

My two roommates really have a bond. They are both boys. They have the same name. They make each other laugh.

Saturday afternoon, we (Stephen Grande) made some headway on our rennovation. I can't wait for it to be complete! It will transform our living space.

And while Grande slaved away, I toted this fabric back and forth between the guest bedroom and our bedroom. I want to make some curtains or pillows out of it but can't decide which room. It was on major sale. Basically, I couldn't afford NOT to buy it.

At sundown, I drank a glass of wine.

Watched some wrastlin.'

Made some turkey burgers.

And homemade oven fries. It was nice to have a decent and quiet meal.

Sunday came. We went to church. Took naps. Went on a walk in the GORGEOUS weather.

Played in the boat that's in our driveway. (Not ours, a but a friend's that Captain Steve is fixing.) There always seems to be a boat in my yard. That's life with the Capt'n.

These pictures mark one of my husband's proudest moments. He's really hoping that Stephen Small will have an interest in boats, so that he has an excuse to buy a boat of his own.

He'll say, "It's for the children, Honey. A boat would make them so happy."


As Sunday came to a close, I made a chocolate sheet cake, talked to my dad on the phone, decided there was nothing on TV, and went to bed early.

It was a glorious weekend.

Hope you had a good one too!


Susie Talbot said...

That kind of a weekend, minus the flu bug are the best. You KNOW children like boats SB!!! Be blessed and hugs to Stephens.

Lynn Beck said...

I'm so glad you're all feeling better... and that SS has been well (so far anyway!). Great photos. I can't get over how Small is growing. He's such a boy!!!

leslie the young mother said...

I'm so glad all are well and enjoying the pretty weather! Also, those pictures of the Stephens on the boat are precious. I agree, boats are always a hit with the kids :)

lexie johnston said...

SB- your lettuce looks sooo yummy! and we, too, have a growing collection of boats in our yard. i guess that's what happens when my hunting/fishing husband also works for a tugboat and barge company! i finally made him build us a partial wooden fence to hide our redneck-ness from the neighbors.

abbiegrace said...

"It's for the children, honey!"

....very cute. :-)

((Actually, chances are, he's right....the child/children would probably LOVE it if you got a boat. Just sayin.))

Anonymous said...

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