Show and Tell

I had no intention of spending much time on the computer today, but given our current weather situation I canceled my plans (early in the day) to exercise and go to the grocery store. There is no use getting Stephen Small out in these treacherous snowy conditions (except to go play at a friend's house)!

Anywho, I find myself this Friday afternoon with some extra time to touch base with YOU, my on-line community. And I have an assortment of things to show and tell.

*For a moment I almost titled this post 'Snow and Tell,' but I decided against it. I know you're relieved.

First, I'm happy to announce that OPERATION RENOVATION is under way. Stephen Grande is one handy MAN. I cannot wait to document our progress.

Look at all that asbestos.

Stephen Grande tells me, "That's not asbestos."

Sure looks like asbestos to me.

No turning back now!

Second, I made a bed skirt for Stephen Small. I must say I was very pleased with the outcome.

I really bonded with that duck fabric.

I had a thing for ducks when I was a child.

I guess I'm trying to impose that duck love on Stephen Small.

He's taken to the skirt quite nicely.

I also want to show you this painting...been meaning to for awhile now.

My brother gave it to me for Christmas. It was done by an artist named Lauren Barksdale. She is my friend's cousin's wife once removed. Kidding (about the once removed part). What does that mean anyway?

Isn't it beautiful!

In non-home decor news...

S.S. is coming around and helping me with the worsh these days.

He is really good at unfolding, the BEST you've ever seen.

I worsh and fold.

And then he unfolds.

Now I've saved the best thing for last...

Are you ready?

Because I am not.

My little fella is WALKING!!!

Oh yes. It's true!

Much more, SO much more to come.

TGIF, y'all!


BubblesandMoney said...

your blog, as usual, made me smile. Thanks, I needed it!

Lynn Beck said...

Hooray for Small. He is so adorable in his footed PJs!

Stay warm!

Nell said...

Snow and tell! Ha! I love the duck fabric, love the painting, and can't believe SS is on the move! Can't wait for some good before and afters of your renovation!

Whitney Lee said...

Love Lauren barksdale! Her parents were at our wedding. Glad we can share a mutual love of her work! Happy weekend!

leslie the young mother said...

OMG. Walking?!?!? So exciting! Can't wait to hear all the fun new stories this will bring :) Oh, and the duck fabric is so adorable....happy sewing!

LJM said...

...sure do wish you had titled it "snow and tell"....just saying...

Lindsay said...

Go, SS! And, your sewing is getting really impressive!

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