The Delta: Part 1

We are home from our week long stay with my parents in the Mississippi Delta. We had a ball! And I already miss my family as much as I miss their Keurig coffee maker. But there is a time for everything. A time to go. A time to go home. And it was nice to walk into our own house this afternoon and think about starting a new year.

Since I haven't been so bloggy this past week I hope to catch up over the next few days. I want to start out by telling you about THE place to eat if you are ever in Greenville, Mississippi. DOE'S EAT PLACE, more commonly known as just "DOE'S."

We eat here every time we visit my family and we have our routine down pat. We make a reservation then load up in my mama's van to head over to the best run down hole in the wall restaurant on face of this earth.

The most unique thing about DOE'S is walking through the kitchen to be seated at your table. Seriously, this is the first thing you see when you walk through the front door.
I don't know how to describe this...
A picture paints a thousand words.
Here's my Mama waiting in the kitchen.
Finally we are seated at the table. Stephen Grande and me getting hungry...
The other unique thing about DOE'S is there is no menu. Yes people...NO menu. Everyone already knows they have steak, spaghetti, shrimp, salad, bread, and their famous hot tamales (with or without chili). Take your TUMS now.

And here's Doc, rolling up his sleeves to order. It's serious buisness. We have learned to group order each time; it keeps things easier. And since we are always taking out of town guest it prevents them from getting confused by the no menu thing.
First course...hot tamales, traditionally eaten on a saltine cracker with a little bit (or a lot in my case) of ketch up.
Next up, salads, ice burg lettuce with red onion, garlic, and oil and vinegar dressing. So simple but YUM. One of DOE'S signature tastes.
At some point the hot tamales with chili arrived. I'm full.
But I always have room for fried shrimp. Slap your mama.
And broiled shrimp. Slap your granny.
And garlic bread...best dipped in broiled shrimp juice. Are you still with me? Do you have chest pain yet?
I hope not because it's time for the mother of all steaks. A filet with homemade fries. Y'all this is as good as a meal gets.
Roll me out the door.


leslie the young mother said...

omg. that meal just made my mouth fill with saliva. why wasn't your rehearsal dinner there????

Ellie said...

Yum! That steak looks amazing - and the shrimp - and, and, and! Wow. That's quite an accomplishment to polish off all that food.

A Lee Inc said...

From my one and only personal experience, wherein i had the steak the size of the actual plate, I must say I can smell and taste the place right now! I would love to hit up some duck hunting and stop in at Doe's. I may have to convince the guys and get Stephen to take us there.

Susie Talbot said...

You captured Doe's so well! Loved every pic of old friends and old Doe's--made me "home" sick for the Delta.(yes) Tamales on crackers? Did I understand you right?

traveledroad said...

making my hungry- love Does! Didn't realize they had filets now...

Lynn Beck said...

What a great post!! And I'm so happy because I can show it to my California friends. I can try to explain Doe's, but they can't quite believe it.

Sara Walker said...

I just wrote a "delta" post too! I wrote about a new restaurant "Momma's Bait Shop". Have y'all been there yet? I just added a link to your post at the end of mine.

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