You Can Pick Your Friends

But you can't pick your family....

Hello from Mississippi! We spent Christmas with my family and have now rolled our time here into a vacation all in one. I honestly did not think I would be able to blog with my parent's super slow and outdated technology, but here I am!

These pictures are from Christmas night which is traditionally our big time of celebration. It is always fun to have something to look forward to after Christmas morning is over.

One of our standing traditions is wearing these paper crowns.

They come in the poppers (or crackers) that my mom places at each table setting. It is a British tradition. In each one is a joke, a small toy, and a crown.

Normally, we have a fine Christmas dinner such as beef tenderloin, crown roast, or filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce. This year we wanted to mix things up a bit. The order on the menu was cheeseburgers in paradise to go with our Jimmy Buffet holiday theme. (This was our first year with a theme btw...and no one was disappointed. Well, except for my brother in law, Nick. Another story for another time. Just kiddin.')

And before I go any further I must clarify that we were not celebrating Jimmy Buffet's birthday instead of Jesus's birthday even though Jimmy Buffet's birthday is December 25th. Ironic? My mother wanted me to make sure I told you all that.

Moving on... Christmas dinner!

Cheese Burgers in Paradise (paradise)...

(Join me in singing this next part if you like. Clap your hands too!)

I like mine with lettuce and tomato
Heinz 57 and french fried potatoes
Big kosher pickle and a cold draft beer
Well good god almighty which way do I steer for my...cheeseburger in paradise

Alrighty...enough singing for now.

Let me take you over to Margaritaville!

Complements of Aunt Lu. She and Nick are pros at making a good Margarita, top shelf of course.

I do recommend only drinking one (especially if you have Sunday school the next day.)

I am not speaking from experience.

Here's George. Known around these parts as Tator Salad. And there's my baby.

I just threw this picture in because it is such a good one!

And I'll leave you with some hilarious and only slightly incriminating pictures of CHRISTMAS DANCE PARTY 2009. This is how we concluded the night. Can you think of a better way to burn off a cheeseburger?

Some of us were actually sore the next day...ha.

And no dance party is complete with out Stephen Small.

It really went on and on...and on!

...until the wee hour of 10:30 pm.

It was a good year!

Love to you all...

More to come!


Lynn Beck said...

Wow!What a treat to get a blog while you're in Mississippi! The Gillespie/Spooner/Freeman/ Archer/Mozingo clans are quite the dancers!!

And the cheeseburgers look great.

Stephen Small - of course - is amazing!!

Nell said...

I love a good kitchen dance. Looks like such a wonderful holiday! So glad you had a chance to blog! Happy New Year!

The Brannens said...

Looks like yall had a blast with your family! Merry Christmas!

BubblesandMoney said...

I love your celebration!

Whitney Lee said...

I want to go to your house next year for Christmas! What a fun, laid back way to celebrate! I envy you!

Bethan said...

i miss the poppers! we used to always have those on our christmas eve with yall... we still do a big christmas eve feast here in the same tradition of the greenville days, only it's gotten to large to have poppers for everyone. i do miss those paper crowns! but we still have the flaming plum pudding, ms anne still makes it for us and sends it up... so glad yall still have the poppers AND wear those crowns!

Meg said...

I just love reading your posts! This one especially makes me want to come on over and join in on all of the fun!

leslie the young mother said...

I love your family. And how fun to have a themed Christmas...complete with a dance party. What fun!!! So glad you documented everything. Miss you! Oh, and Stephen small is getting so big and cute!

Anonymous said...

crack me up! glad y'all had a good time!

mollie said...

hey sarah barry! i stumbled upon your blog via facebook. its so sweet and fun. but i just wanted to note the green cabinets. i love them!

Page said...

I am glad to know we are not the only family who has poppers and wears the crowns. :)

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