Recovering and Living

Earlier this week was my night to work. All night, 7pm to 7am. It comes around every 3 weeks and during this time my relationship with coffee goes to depths I didn't know were possible.
Really the whole ordeal is not too bad until the next day when I have to recover from NO sleep.


My house tends to become very disheveled as all I have the energy to do is survive...and take pictures of our mess.

I think the true low point of yesterday's recovery was spending $17 at McDonald's for dinner.
My co-workers would be shocked to know that after passing up all the late night Chinese food ordering, after diligently bringing turkey sandwiches instead of buying hospital cafeteria food, I go home and blow all my earnings on Micky D's.
Let's not talk about that anymore...or ever again. Seriously.

I'll close on a positive.

These are the new overalls I ordered for Stephen small. They are from Children's Place. I was worried that the denim would be stiff and uncomfortable. Well come to find out my worry was senseless. These are are the softest, coziest, infant overalls. Mama's and Grandmama's, get some while the gettin's good. Only $14.50. Perfect for fall.
Hope all you fellow bloggers and readers have a wonderful weekend. Big one for us. Our little man is getting baptized! More on that to come.


Lynn Beck said...

Even with the mess, your house looks great. (I love the floors and your colors!) Stephen, of course, is the best part!

Looking forward to photos of the baptism.

A Wrinkled Time said...

Really wonderful house SB, CUTE baby Spooner and thanks for the overalls tip! Happy weekending.

A Wrinkled Time said...

whoops...I forgot to wish Stephen small a very blessed and special Baptism time this weekend. God bless you lil guy! Hi to family too.

Anonymous said...

I really hope you got a mcflurry.

leslie. said...

Happy baptism small Stephen! Glad you're hopefully recovered even if your house is not. Also, along with the mcflurry...hope your fries were perfectly hot. Makes it all so worth it :)

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