While we were away for the 4th, a small tragedy occurred in our household. The freezer door was unknowingly left open. Incidentally all the milk I have pumped and saved for my return to work has melted.

In other words... I will spend most of my week in the company of my Medela.

This whole ordeal is a painful reminder of the time I will spend away from my little man this coming weekend. I go back to work Saturday and Sunday, 12 hour days. 12 hours is too long to do anything, especially work and especially too long to be away from this little angel baby face.
I've spent much of today feeling sorry for myself about losing all the milk and about how much I'm going to miss Stephen for 2 days. But in order to enjoy the rest of my week (and so that others might enjoy me), I need to get over it, cheer up, and stop dwelling on my problems and sadness.

My problems are good problems to have, and I must keep things in perspective.

I'm thankful to have a sweet baby at home to miss, thankful for a husband that loves our child and works so hard so I can stay at home 95% of the time, thankful for a part time job and flexible schedule, thankful that my parents are going to be in town this weekend to help babysit. And I will be oh so thankful come Sunday night when I can be back home resting with my little one.
Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. Psalm 118:29


Lynn Beck said...

How frustrating!! But you're right about having "good" problems and good things to be sad about.

The picture of you and Stephen is wonderful!

Laura said...

oh sb i am SO sorry! i HATE that for you! how wonderful to keep such a great perspective!

leslie. said...

He is an angel baby face! What a bummer about your milk! But oh what a wonderful feeling you'll have Sunday night! And what an adorable face to welcome you home (I'm sure big Stephen will welcome you too, but baby Stephen is the face i'm talking about, haha!)

Nick and Christina Brannen said...

I am so glad you found my blog so that now I can stalk your blog:) Little Stephen is precious and Mary has really enjoyed hanging out with you!

Anonymous said...

ohhh I want to cry! This is one time to be upset about split milk. All your perfect 3oz ziplocks. Although, think of all the cookies you'll have to eat to make up for it... great photo of you 2 at the end there!

Laura M. said...

you nailed it! perspective. work will be good for you. I have always said that even if I could afford to be a full time stay at home mom I would at least need a couple mornings out to get stuff done (like exercise) that is impossible to do with two babies. as for the medela.. pat on the back. im glad you haven't given up!

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