Recently, I learned a new word...Foodie. Foodies love food...eating, preparing, tasting, experimenting, and cooking. My parents are foodies. My siblings are foodies. My cousins are foodies. And my husband is a foodie by default. You can imaging all the cooking and eating that is done when we get together. I'm still full from the 4th of July.

Here are some things foodies love...

A foodie loves fresh produce.
A foodie loves seafood.
A foodie loves a good cook.
A foodie loves All-Clad cookware.
A foodie loves friends.
A foodie loves gumbo.
A foodie loves wine.
A foodie loves a po'boy.
A foodie loves FOOD!


Anonymous said...

yum! i've always wanted to be a foodie, but i fear my love of peanut butter and sugary cereals betrays me.

leslie. said...

oh fun! yes, you and your family are great cooks and create the best food and dining environment of anyone I know. These pics makes me wish I liked seafood.
I'm with Lindsay though...I love poptarts and pizza rolls too much to be confused with a foodie, haha!

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