The Real Doctor

Growing up, my dad (a M.D.) was never as sympathetic towards our aches and pains as we would have liked him to be. I'd say something like..."my foot hurts when I move it." He'd reply "well don't move your foot." Not the answer I was looking for.

Once my sister asked my mom "what will happen if we get real sick and have to go to a real doctor?"

Well, that's what Stephen did today...went to his real doctor. Thankfully not because he was sick...just his two month check up to see our pediatrician here in Montgomery. He now weighs 12lbs 12 oz. He's so heavy. He's becoming really expressive too.

Been a pretty good sport today despite the 3 shots in the thighs.



Anonymous said...

Ha- he weighs more than J! That last picture is ALL you... so cute. Glad you survived the first round.

Laura said...

ga he gets more handsome everyday!! such a cutie!

Lynn Beck said...

I love his expressions!! He's got that "concerned" look in the photo with the caption under it telling about the 3 shots and the others -- where he's smiling are absolutely wonderful.

Your dad is just like "big George." Doctors' kids get absolutely not sympathy!!

Love you all --

Joy said...

He is looking more and more like stephen!

Jill said...

You know I can relate...I'd say to my M.D. Dad, "My side hurts."
"The side of what?"he'd ask.
And miss school? Never. We kids had to be throwing up AS we were going out the door, in order to stay home.
Some other favorite maxims of Dr. E.'s:
"Soak it." "Put a hot compress on it."
"Come back in a year if it still hurts." "All it needs is the tincture of time."
But, you know what, I have incorporated the same blend of "get-over-it-ness" into motherhood!

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